Battery life and my ARB 78L Fridge

78L ARB Fridge with canvass coverBattery life and my ARB 78L Fridge

After installing my RedArc Dual Battery System, I got to wondering Battery life and my ARB 78L Fridge. How long would it last for, and how long it’d take to recharge the battery on my RedArc Dual Battery System. So I did a quick test. Well, not so quick as it turned out.

The Tests

So I must admit that I wasn’t very scientific about this. My tests involved basically running my fridge at home for a few days. The fridge, inside and was empty and set to 4 degrees C. When the battery reached approximately one third of capacity, I attached it to my dual battery system and went for a drive to see how long it’d take to charge.

And when I say I wasn’t very scientific, I really mean it, OK.

The system

The Results

So my very unscientific results are:

From full charge to one third battery capacity, running my fridge in my home at 4 degrees C took 72 hours.

From that point to full charge took approximately 34 minutes. I drove for 17 minutes initially, and tested the battery capacity. it wasn’t  fully charged. I then drove home again (another 17 minutes) and by then the battery was fully charged. During this time, the battery was only connected to the charger. I.e. it was not providing power to the fridge any longer.


So in summary, the battery will run the fridge for a long time. And the battery doesn’t take much time to charge up on my Dual Battery System.

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  1. Mate, I’m about to undertake something very similar. My red ark is already connected to run to my jayco. I’m about to install another for my winch and soon to be purchased fridge. Interested to see your rear setup and the figment of the arb fridge considering the spare wheel wind down bolt! Cheers mate. Happy to chat over the phone as well!

  2. G’Day Brett

    Have you seem my article about my dual battery setup?

    In terms of a boot setup, the centre wheel winder is the most frustrating part of the car. So far I’ve been very lucky and haven’t had a serious puncture requiring a wheel change while I’m out and about… Otherwise it’ll be emptying the whole boot… (I’ve actually written to Mitsubishi to tell them that it’s a stupid idea and they need to either move the winder, or move the spare wheel). I have heard of people changing the winder device to a horizontal one and punching a hole out through the back of the rear bumper, but that drops the spare wheel down by about 3 cms…

    The fridge doesn’t stay permanently in the car because it’s also our daily driver so we use the boot room for shopping etc.

    I do however want to build a rear draw system with two draws on top of each other and the fridge next to them. The battery should fit between our cargo barrier and th fridge, but at the moment, the battery is in its own box and sits next to the fridge and is removable.

    The centre wheel winder, however, is a considerable problem… And so far I really don’t have a great solution… If you’ve got any ideas then let me know!!!


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