HEMA HN7 Review

The fantastic people at the Chart and Map Shop in Fremantle asked me to write a HEMA HN7 review for them. What a great device it is! Love it!

Previously I’ve had a play with the HEMA HN6 and also the Mud Maps M7 but in my opinion the HN7 is the winner.

Have a look at the HEMA HN7 Review I wrote for the Chart and Map Shop.

3 Replies to “HEMA HN7 Review”

  1. We have had the HN7 for less than 2 years. Twice in early days it stopped working for the 4wd section and we had to reboot. However now no amount of rebooting will get it working again. I have been in touch with Hema and they tell me I’ll have to send it back and pay $99 to have repaired. Hema told me that other people have had this problem. I don’t think this is acceptable after paying $699 for the unit.
    A friends bought one and the 4wd maps would not load from day one. The sd card was replaced and all good.
    Seems there’s an inherent fault.

  2. Mate are you serious this is the worst bit of kit in my car , battery won’t hold charge, directions take you longer then it should and camp 7 is useless very disappointed for the $600 I paid for it

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