4wd Tips, Tricks and Techniquies

4wd Tips, Tricks and Techniques

4wd Tips, Tricks and Techniques
This vintage 4wd handled this steep muddy hill with ease!

This section of my website contains 4wd tips, trips and techniques. Please note that the page contained here-in are suggestions only and are my opinion. I’m sure that you’ll have or come across different opinions. Please feel free to comment on my articles either correcting me, or offering your point of view!

Please don’t take the contents of these pages as gospel. I hope that instead, you can use this information to enhance your own experiences and knowledge.

I will always recommend travelling with at least one other experienced driver when you’re going offroad. It’s a basic safety precaution. Not only can they help you if your car gets stuck, but if you get injured then you have the backup you need.

I will also always recommend that you look into joining up with your local 4wd club. The wealth of experience that you will find in a club it second to none. As a second alternative, or perhaps in addition to joining a club, investigate 4wd driver training. There are many accredited 4wd training organisations throughout Australia, so look one up and get stuck into it.

If you have landed here looking for 4x4wiki then that website has been decommissioned  Most of the information from that webiste is now located here so take a look around and I’m sure you’ll find what you were after.

4wd Tips & Tricks

6 Replies to “4wd Tips, Tricks and Techniquies”

  1. I don’t know this is a tip or not, but I think if you are traversing steep terrain, make sure that the maps are up to date. I just had a really bad day.
    I went down the track from hell to cut 40KM off my trip only to find that the bridge I needed to cross no exists with no indication of no through road and evidence that the forestry had been in the area recently. resulting in me driving up the track from hell.
    a 500 metre descent over 3.5km

    1. Different schools of though. Some people say it’ll make no different, others say you should every now and then to keep things lubed up. Just remember that you shouldn’t use 4wd on hard surfaces like bitumen.

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