4wd Trips in Western Australia

4wd Trips in Western Australia
4wd Impassable When Wet

Welcome to the 4wd Trips part of my website. As I go on 4wd trips in Western Australia and beyond, I’ll write them up and put them in hear.

I’m constantly amazed at the variety of scenery and awe-inspiring vastness of this country that we live in. I absolutely love getting out and about and finding places that most people just don’t know about.

If you have any areas that you’d like information on then post below and I’ll see what I can find out for you. Also, if you’ve got any tracks that you’ve heard of, let me know and I’ll see if I can drive them and write something up for you.

If you’re looking for 4x4wiki, that website has been decommissioned and all the trips moved to here. Other content from 4x4wiki has been moved into other sections of my website.

4WD TRIps in Western AUstralia

4 Replies to “4wd Trips in Western Australia”

  1. Hello, I was wondering if you know the best way to get from Exmouth to Uluru. We have a 4×4 towing a cmpertrailer but not a lot of off road experience.

    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi there.

      There are a couple of ways to get there and I guess it depends on the experience you want.
      1) Great Central Road – Mostly unsealed. Runs from Laverton in WA to near Uluru
      2) Tanami Track – Unsealed and less maintained. Runs from Halls Creek in the Kimberley to Alice Springs. This would be pretty cool because you’d be able to visit the Wolfe Creek meteor crater on the way. But it’s probably more remote than option 1.
      3) Via Darwin – Head up to Darwin first then drive down to Uluru from there. This will be mostly sealed roads.
      Just be very aware that the Australian outback can kill. Take plenty of water. And I mean PLENTY of water. Let someone know exactly where you’re going and when you expect to arrive. Check back in with that person when you do arrive. If you run into trouble STAY WITH YOUR VEHICLE until help arrives.

      And have a great time. Post some photos on our Facebook page 🙂

  2. Hi Ross,
    My wife and I are inexperienced but capable grey nomads thinking of including the Great Central Road (Outback Hiway) in our ’round the nation road trip. You mention it above but don’t seem to have it documented further. We are primarily interested in the Laverton to Uluru section but may consider going on to Winton. Any tips/comments/recommendations?

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