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Our Mitsubishi PB Challenger (2010) at Cape Peron, Shark BayWelcome to my 4 wheel driving blog!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my 4 Wheel Driving Blog about my 4×4 adventures and looking at my photos. And hopefully you’llย be inspired to get out there and enjoy yourself in our great outdoors.

We love being out on the open road. Exploring this vast country and all it has to offer. As an avid 4 wheel driver, I’m very keen to share my experiences and adventures. Through my blog, you’ll read about my personal take on 4 wheel driving, my experiences, my travels and adventures. My family and I are based in Western Australia so the majority of my adventures will be in the vast wilderness that makes up a huge percentage of this state.

I drive a 2010 Mitsubishi PB Challenger that I am slowly building into a family tourer. So far we’ve added:

Hopefully we’ll soon add

We believe in adventuring for the future. When we go traveling, we try to leave as little impact as possible. Although we love driving the tough tracks as much as the next person, for us the idea of owning a 4wd vehicle is so that we can get to places that many other people can’t, to visit remote locations, to ‘get out there’ and experience nature at its best.

I also do a little bit of freelance writing. Most of my articles are 4wd club magazine articles, but I’ve also written for:

Hopefully you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy experiencing the things I write about.

See you on the tracks.



PS: I can’t believe I have to say this. But due to some people complaining I feel I have to point out that the information on this website is for information and entertainment purposes only. It reflects my views and my views only. They are not necessarily the view of anyone else! Even if I link to another page from my blog, it doesn’t mean that they share the same opinion as me. Remember, people that the internet is for everyone and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Believe it or not, some of the information I post up here may not be relevant to you, or even legal in your area! Use your common sense and double check!!


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  1. Hi Ross, love the site. My wife and I visited WA a few years ago and it’s a beautiful place.

    Just wondering if you would be ale to share some info on your recovery points? All the 4×4 outlets say that they aren’t available.

    We have a 2011 Challenger and it’s a really capable machine but we’re a bit nervous to go to hard without decent recovery points at the front.

  2. Hi Michael

    I don’t yet have recovery points apart from the factory ones… However in my searching I’ve come across 2 options

    1) ARB are now doing recovery points for certain vehicles. This was written up in their Spring magazine that you can download from

    They’re not doing recovery points for the PB Challengers yet, but maybe they will in the future if you are prepared to wait.

    2) A company in WA called Offroad Adventure Training ( currently makes recovery points for the new Triton. I took my car out to him and he’s confirmed that the same recovery points will fit on the PB Challenger. I’m sure he’d be happy to ship some to you but you’d then have to install them yourself.

    I’m still waiting for my recovery points from Offroad Adventure Training and I’ll post up some photos when they’re installed.



  3. Thank you so much for your blog. A mate sent me the link because we don’t see much about PB Challengers. This is like a goldmine for me because here is everything I want to know about with regard to 4×4 with my vehicle

    1. No problem Andy G. I’m glad it’s apprecaited!

      Coming up soon, I’ll post some info about how I got my 2nd battery installed behind the trim in the boot. And then, when I eventually get around it it, I’ll finish off my rear draw system.

      The PB Challenger is such a capable car! I’m always impressed at what mine can do and where we can take it. This year, if everything goes to plan, I’ll be putting on new suspension and tyres as well. That should make it virtually unstopable…



  4. Hello Ross, hubby and i have just bought a 2012 PB Challenger and come across your blog. Love the photos and descriptions of your trips. We plan to do some ourselves. We are particularly interested in the recovery points information. Are you able to pass on details of who can put some in for us? Thanks.

    1. Hi Flavia

      Thanks for the comments! I’m very glad you enjoy the website!

      The recover points I had made in Perth at a company called Adventure Offroad Training. ( Richard is a great bloke and was very helpful in not only installing the points for me, but giving me some pointers on how best to perform recoveries safely. He’s well worth getting in touch with.

      Might see you out on the tracks some time!


  5. Hi Ross, Thanks for a excellent blog for 4×4 using the Challenger. We are new to 4×4 but doing are research, we are looking at getting the 2013/14 Challenger but there is little to no info around apart from your blog – is the Challenger worth considering or should we wait for the Triton etc.


    1. G’day Andrew.

      I reckon the Challenger is well worth looking at, but really I think it depends on what you want your vehicle for.

      The Triton has a different suspension system in the back so the ride will be a little harder and bouncier if it’s empty.

      I would take each car for a test drive and see what you think. I don’t think you’ll be unhappy with either option though.



  6. Hi Rossh,
    I also drive Mitsubishi challenger.
    Just wondering about RedArc Dual Battery System. Is it from ARB and need to modified?
    Im interested to install it to my car but it seem in challenger engine already look full so im not confident to buy it. Please Advise


    1. Hi there.

      The redarc isolator is only very small so will fit in your engine bay with no problems. It’s fitting the second battery in that is a bit tricky.

      I put mine in the boot between the outside bodywork and the inside trim. So you can’t actually see it.

      Others have put their second battery in the engine bay, but I don’t know exactly what is involved.

      This website has a dual battery tray for the PB challenger.

      I actually purchased my redarc isolator from eBay. But you can probably get them from ARB as well. Make sure the seller is an approved redarc dealer though, otherwise you void your warranty.

      Good luck and post some photos on my Facebook page when you get there!



  7. Hi Ross

    First off great blog !!
    I am an owner of a 2010 challenger LS and it pleases me greatly to see more adoption of this great vehicle on the roads. Love that Car!

    If you donโ€™t mind I am curious about your experience with the challenger on sand.
    In particular what tyre pressures do you typically run at when on sand?
    Do you use 4H with a locked or unlocked center diff on sand?
    Do you turn off stability control?

    Thanks for your time and keep up the great work.


    1. Hi Greg

      Thanks for the feedback. It’s much appreciated! You’ve got the same model car as me! They’re such good vehicles. Never ceases to amaze me, and my Landcruiser/Patrol driving friends!

      My car’s been great on sand. We have an awful lot of it over here in WA. Most of the state is sand ๐Ÿ™‚

      I still have the original tyres on there but will upgrade to All Terrains some time.

      Tyre pressures are a tricky one. Have you read my post about tyre pressures and on sand driving?

      It really depends on the conditions, but on the beaches over here, which tend to get soft, I go to about 12psi straight away. I don’t really like starting higher and seeing how I go. I mean if I’m reducing pressures then why not reduce them properly? If you ‘see how you go’ then to me that’s like you expect to have trouble. And if your car struggles then you can end up damaging the tracks more than you should. So I go low straight away.

      Generally I use either 4Hlc, or 4Llc depending on how soft it is. I do prefer Low Range though. It gives you that instant response when you need it.

      I turn off ACS on the sand if I remember. ACS applies brakes to direct the power to the wheel losing traction. But on sand the key is to maintain momentum and applying brakes doesn’t really help with that…

      This is what I’ve found works best for me in my situations. But it’s a matter of playing around and working out what’s right for you.

      Good luck and stay safe!



      1. Many thanks for the reply Ross .The Advice is much appreciated .

        We are in NSW and are going to give our Challenger a workout on Stockton beach in a few weeks . We have had our beach training in a Prado over Xmas down in South Australia . Doesn’t seem to be a lot of info online about our Challengers . Have found a few good vids of the “Pajero sport” which is the overseas product name for the Challenger .

        I will definitely go down to 12psi to start and experiment with ASC and 4HLC to find what works .

        Thanks again


        1. No problem Greg.
          I don’t know what Stockton is like (I’ve heard of it though). But if you can, stay above the high tide mark. That way if you do get really stuck, it doesn’t matter.
          Getting bogged it all part of the fun and if you’re out of the way of the ocean then you’ve got all the time in the world so there is no need to panic.

          I’m sure you’ll have a heap of fun! Post some photos up on my FaceBook page afterwards if you like!

          1. Hi again Ross

            I thought I would give you and update how we went on Stockton with the Challenger.
            Well first off It is such a capable machine on sand ! After learning on sand driving in a Prado , I was very impressed with the Challenger , it just ate Stockton for breakfast . We found 16PSI worked very well for us on sand . We only got bogged once and then we were out within 30 seconds thanks to our Max Trax . The only reason we got bogged was because we forgot to turn off ASC again after stopping . We also ended up recovering some German tourists in some really soft stuff .
            We ended up doing 2 full days on Stockton and learnt a lot about the Challenger .

            Next weekend we are doing some tracks up in the Blue mountains and then after that we are doing some in Barrington tops for easter.
            We also have a big adventure planned for the Victoria high country next year .

            Thanks again


      1. Hey mate,

        Good to hear. I’ve done that – not a bad track at all. It’s a shame you can’t camp at Hill River any more. Let me know when you want to go – I’m in!


  8. Hi Ross,
    First of all, brilliant website!!!! In reading comments below, I agree with another user is stating there’s not much info available on the challenger, this site is a little gold mine! ..And its precisely the reason why I wanted to ask whether you’ve done a full review of the Challenger (I couldn’t find it on your website)! I think it is an overlooked gem which I am hoping to purchase in the near future. If you have the time, I (and any one else seeking to buy one) would greatly appreciate an honest thorough review of the vehicle. Especially by someone with vast experience with the vehicle like yourself.

    Cheers and once again thanks for the great website!

    1. G’day.

      Thanks for the comments! It’s always good to hear that the website is useful and enjoyable!

      I haven’t done a complete review of the Challenger but I have considered it. Maybe I should get my act together and just do it…


  9. Can I guess where the photos are. The background image I guess Warren beach near Pemberton, on your welcome page looks like the beach down fisherman road south of Bunbury.

    1. The main background is indeed Warren beach just the other side of the Yeagarup dunes, south of Pemberton.

      On my welcome page, it’s actually a photo of us at Gregories or Sth Gregories camp site in the Francois Peron National Park just north of Denham/Monkey Mia in Shark Bay.

      You got 50% which is a pass mark ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Hi Ross,
    I have the exact 2010 Challenger as you….down to the same colour! It was great to read about the legality of having a lift installed on the Challie as that was my next modification I was thinking of doing. Having just come back from Shark Bay and driven up to the top of Cape Peron I thought a lift would give me just that little bit extra clearance and ride to make it a bit more comfortable in similar off road conditions. I am looking at Iron Man to do the fit. A dual battery system is also on my list.
    Look forward to reading more about your adventures.

    1. Hi Elaine
      They’re a great vehicle offroad, aren’t they? And yeah I think with new suspension and tyres it would make a world of difference. We looked at Ironman as well. They seem like a good product. I’ve heard that sometimes when these vehicles get lifted, it can produce a bit of a shudder. But Ultimate Suspension have a solution to that so do some investigation in that space as well.

      Shark bay is an amazing place. Love it! We did the same drive. It was a bit corrugated when we did it but not to bad…

      We’re thinking of heading down to Broke Inlet in the next few weeks so watch out for a story on that trip coming up (if I get my butt into gear that is…)


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