10 Beginner 4WD Tracks In Victoria That Are Worth A Trip

Source: “dargo camping” by Richard Ellender – Under Creative Commons license

The adventure begins by stepping out of your comfort zone and into the great world of the unknown. Whether you are an experienced 4×4 driver or a beginner looking to branch into the outdoors, we have got you covered. Even if you don’t have your own four-wheel drive vehicle, the modern day of online rentals allows you to experience the 4×4 experience without breaking your bank.

The Off road Aussie’s guide to the best 10 beginner 4WD tracks in Victoria has something for everyone. They range from friendly for beginners to even intermediate for those that are up for a challenge. Regardless of how much time you want to spend on these tracks, we have got a route that will be great for you. While these are only a sample of 10 tracks that are out in the Victoria region, there is still many more to discover. Victoria is home to an abundance of great 4WD tracks that are waiting to be explored. Once we test them out ourselves we’ll create new guides for those tracks that are a bit more challenging.

The only thing that you need to start your 4WD adventure is the motivation and determination to take that first step out of your comfort zone. Your next journey is just a short car trip away!

Before you continue, If your new to 4wd and offroading or are not sure what equipment to take out with you on your adventures, make sure to check out the Off Road Aussies Essential 4×4 Equipment List where I have taken the time to review and recommend the equipment I use. If you kit yourself out correctly you will be able to tackle everything that your new adventures will throw at you.

Here is a summary of the top 10 beginner’s 4WD tracks in Victoria:

  1. Toolangi State Forest
  2. Tallarook
  3. Woods Point
  4. Aberfeldy
  5. Lake Eildon
  6. Warburton
  7. Croajingolong National Park
  8. Bunyip State Park
  9. Alpine National Park
  10. Grampians National Park

Below is a more in-depth explanation of each of the tracks and what you should bring along to be prepared.

Toolangi State Forest

Distance from Melbourne: 80km

Credit: Club 4×4

Track difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

The Toolangi State Forest 4WD track is a popular destination especially during the summer months due to the scenic views. While the 4WD track can get quite muddy during the wetter times of the year, it is still a tourist hotspot all year round. The Toolangi State Forest has made its way onto this list as it has several different tracks that are suitable for all experience levels.

If you are a beginner and just want to get the feel of what it is like to 4WD there is a track for you. For the more experienced drivers, there are also more difficult tracks that can be challenging but still enjoyable. It is recommended that you bring along some anti-bog equipment (shovel, wooden plank) as the tracks can get very muddy during certain times of the year.

If your family or friends aren’t coming along for the tracks there are still plenty of other outdoor activities that you are your friends can enjoy.

  • Wirrawilla Walk – This trail is perfect for those who are after a relaxing walk through nature that isn’t too strenuous. The trail is a 500m flat walk that is also wheelchair friendly and takes about 30 minutes to complete.
  • Tanglefoot Loop – If you’re after more of a hike the Tanglefoot Loop is a 10km walk that takes roughly 4 hours to complete. The track has some short steep hills but is also suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Additional to the great hiking and 4WD tracks there are some beautiful camping spots that you have to see to believe. Imagine waking up to a spectacular 400-year-old Mountain Ash Tree in the morning. All camping sites feature a pit toilet and picnic areas. This camping spot costs $7 per vehicle where dogs are allowed to come along if they are on a leash at all times.

You can learn more about the Toolangi State Forest By Going To There Website Here


Credit: Club 4×4

Distance from Melbourne: 98km

Track difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

Continuing the trend of beginner friendly courses, the 4WD track at Tallarook definitely makes the list. This area has some very nice tracks that are both friendly for newcomers but also offers something more challenging for those who are experienced.

If you are brave enough to try out the more experienced tracks you will have the opportunity to climb up some steep hills and rocks. The easier tracks aren’t too difficult which means you won’t be pushing yourself or your vehicles too hard throughout the day. The length of the tracks are quite short as well so beginners are more than free to finish and get back home if they find that it wasn’t their thing.

However if you love the feel of the tracks and want to get more, there are camping sites along with the appropriate bathrooms for those staying on the grounds. This area is a great excuse to come out on a Saturday night with a group of mates and hang out by the campfire.

If you are planning on camping it is recommended that you bring along your own tent and/or swag to ensure that you are comfy throughout the night. If you are just here for some 4WD tracks then be sure to bring along a tyre deflator/compressor with you( Check out our essential 4WD equipment list to see our top picks if you don’t have the basic gear left). The tracks can get quite muddy during the wet seasons but are generally fine all other times of the year. It is however recommended that you bring along the appropriate gear to get you out of bogs if you do end up getting caught out.

You can learn more about the Tallarook State Forest By Going To There Website Here

Woods Point

Distance from Melbourne: 178km

Credit: Club 4×4

Track difficulty: Medium to Advanced

Woods Point is a great 4WD option in the high country area of Victoria. If you are looking for some sand driving along with some camping this may be your lucky day. The track that they have at Woods Point is fairly beginner friendly if you tend to visit the track in the dryer months. When winter roles around you may have a chance to see snow up in the High Country which makes for a more difficult drive. In heavy snow you will expect the track to take approximately 4 hours to complete.

If you do plan on trying out the course when snowfall is commencing be sure to bring along chains so that your vehicle doesn’t slip on the icy roads.

The camping spot around Woods Point has some of the best high altitude views due to where it is located. If you do get the chance to camp out overnight, be sure to bring along some firewood and some food for a fire pit barbeque. Nothing beats having a spit roast on a fire during the cold winter nights.

If you have a couple of days to spare you can have a 3-day adventure starting from Woods Point. We strongly recommend staying at least one night in Woods Point so you can really take in the beauty of the natural forest. From there you can then head off to either Mt Matlock or Mt Skene to get some more 4WD in along with some more awesome views.

You can learn more about Wood Point By Going To There Website Here


Distance from Melbourne: 167km

Credit: Visit Victoria

Track difficulty: Easy to Advanced

The 4WD track at Aberfeldy is considered to be one of the greatest tracks that Victoria has to offer. The route combines the rich history of the landscape with the thrill of traversing the rugged terrain. This track will treat you to some really astounding views that range from bushland to mountaintop views and also includes a stone river crossing.

Aberfeldy’s track follows the original track that was established in the 1800’s as a transportation route for horse and carts. These tracks were heavily sued during the gold rush days so taking the journey yourself is like stepping back in time and witnessing the glories of the landscape for yourself. The Aberfeldy track is more than your average 4WD track as there are also many interpretation signs scattered throughout your journey which gives a whole new life to the story and setting that you are journeying through.

Some historic sites that you will get to see along the way also include the old mines of Toombon as well as the Red Jacket Cemetery. Additionally, many 4WD enthusiasts are also able to stop by and relax with some camping, hiking or even some sneaky fishing. All camping spots come with toilets for those who don’t like to run into the bush when nature calls!

There are several tracks that you can try out while you are here that range from all the possible levels of experience. Below are the names of the tracks along with their respective difficulty.

  • Donnellys Creek Loop – Easy to Medium
  • Jordan Valley Loop – Easy to Medium
  • Hanging Rock Walking Track – Difficult to Very Advanced
  • Aberfeldy Crossing – Difficult
  • White Star Township – Beginner

You can learn more about Aberfeldy By Going To There Website Here

Lake Eildon

Distance from Melbourne: 235km

Credit: Club 4×4

Track difficulty: Easy to Medium

Lake Eildon is home to some amazing heritage buildings that are still standing in the Victorian region. St Stephen’s Anglican Church that opened for service in 1884 is still standing and still is open to the public for mass every Sunday at 8.30 am. Regardless if you are here to drive, you definitely need to come and have a look at all of the buildings that are definitely a sight to see.

The 4WD track itself is fairly easy to traverse but may become a bit more difficult in wetter conditions. Most people drive through at least one giant puddle when they are exploring the area around Lake Eildon. It is highly recommended that your vehicle is fitted to not take in any water as well as having the necessary equipment to get you out of a jam if you get stuck.

Along with the amazing heritage buildings and 4WD track there is a beautiful camping site that is open to the public. If that doesn’t rope you in enough, many people that camp out in the national park also like to pop into the local Lake Eildon pub that isn’t too far away.

When you are traversing the bushland you will be able to take in some remarkable views of the Australian bushland and creeks. The way the sun hits the water at low tide is something that should be experienced once in everyone’s life.

You can learn more about The Lake Eildon By Going To There Website Here


Distance from Melbourne: 75km

Credit: Club 4×4

Track difficulty: Easy to Medium

The 4WD tracks around the Warburton regions are great for inexperienced groups that are looking to have some fun. The tracks in this area are relatively easy to traverse but can get a bit messy when it comes to the amount of mud and clay in the area. You want to be sure that you have a pressure cleaner at home before you jump head first into this course!

Warburton is right near the Yarra Valley area which is home to some great wineries and food options. If you aren’t a wine fan, the views of the area are enough to convince you to at least visit one of the vineyards.

While the track is very newbie friendly, there are also some other tracks for the more experienced drivers if they are in the mood for a challenge. Steep rocks along with sandy and slippery track sections should help scratch the more difficult itch that the experienced drivers may have.

It is highly recommended that your loadout is equipped with recovery gear as you may find that you will get stuck often (If you are just starting out and need to get the essential 4×4 Gear, Make sure you check out our equipment reviews page to make sure you get the best value for money equipment). Going in a group is an easy way to ensure that everyone has a good time and remains safe as you will have friends there to help you out if you need it.

Along with your recovery gear, you should also look to get your hands on a map. They are very easy to read and mark out which tracks are the best for the less experienced drivers. If you are really worried about traversing the muddy area, wait till it is summer time. This period of the year is the most popular as you will find that the tracks become a lot easier.

You can learn more about Warburton By Going To There Website Here

Croajingolong National Park

Distance from Melbourne: 428km

Credit: TripAdvisor

Track difficulty: Easy to Medium

Croajingolong National Park is one of Australia’s most beautiful national parks. Croajingolong is home to some incredible forested foot hills and a coastline setting that is to die for. The 4WD tracks that are available here are a decent amount of time out of Melbourne but lead to some remote locations that you won’t believe existed. If you are brave enough to venture into the unknown remote locations, other tracks are also available that offer touring routes through the park and along the neighbouring state forest.

The national park itself follows the eastern coastline for 100kms and features rainforests, eucalypt forests and heathland. Another great part about this national park is that it has several secluded camping spots available. They are perfect for beach walks, boating, fishing and bird watching. Getting is quite a drive east of Melbourne for about 430kms or 500kms south of Sydney. If you do have the time it is definitely worth the drive.

Recent treks through this area also noted that the roads are quite rocky and aren’t recommended for those that are towing a trailer or caravan. If you are really brave there is an extreme difficulty tack called the Miners Track that can test the limits of even the greatest four wheeled drivers. Advanced recovery gear is highly recommended if you plan to attempt this course.

You can learn more about The Croajingolong National Park By Going To There Website Here

Bunyip State Park

Distance from Melbourne: 98km

Credit: Club 4×4

Track difficulty: Easy to Advanced

Bunyip State Park is home to some of Australia’s most stunning bushlife and wildlife. The river that runs through the state park breeds greenery into the surrounding area where it feels like you are travelling through a rainforest. The diversification of flora and fauna make for some incredible scenery that you just want to get out there and explore.

The 4WD tracks that are available can cater to all skill levels. If you are a beginner and want to focus on taking in the scenery there are many options available for you. Additionally, if you are after a more adventurous route there are definitely some more advanced treks available. The steepness of the area along with the slippery rocks makes for a good challenge for experienced drivers. In total there is approximately 250kms of roads and tracks that you are free to explore.

Before you make it all the way out to the Bunyip State Park be sure to grab a map and speak to the locals of the area. Some of the roads are tracks are subject to seasonal closures which may cause you to have to turn around if you come at the wrong time. An online version of the Bunyip State Park map can be found on their website as well.

You can learn more about The Bunyip State Park By Going To There Website Here

Alpine National Park

Distance from Melbourne: 401km

Credit: Club 4×4

Track difficulty: Easy to Advanced

The Alpine National Park features some of Victoria’s highest mountains along with some pristine alpine environments that are just waiting to be explored. If you are a beginner that is new to the 4WD world this is definitely the track for you. You are welcomed into the experience with some easy to traverse terrain along with some breathtaking scenery where you get to truly appreciate the beauty of the alps.

If you are a 4WD enthusiast that is looking for that extra challenge, the tracks deep in the park will be what you are looking for. They feature some very steep hills and rocks that you can try to climb over while also taking in the natural beauty around you. Some of the roads and tracks are also subjected to seasonal closures so be sure to check the Alpine National Park website to find out if your track is closed before you make the journey out there.

Families love attending the Alpine National Park as there is an abundance of activities for everyone to enjoy. It does get quite cold up here so if you are brave enough to sleep in the snow be sure to pack some thermals and other equipment to keep you warm. If you do manage to sleep through the cold you will get the chance to ski or toboggan down some of the whitest and freshest snow in Australia.

Hotter months are the best time to come to this national park if you want to get your 4WD fix or if you are in the mood for a bush walk amongst some of Australia’s highest peaks.

You can learn more about The Alpine National Park By Going To There Website Here

Grampians National Park

Distance from Melbourne: 258km

Credit: Rob Blackburn

Track difficulty: Easy to Medium

Out of all the national parks, Grampians national park has some of the more beginner friendly 4WD tracks. The majestic mountain ranges of Grampians national park are full of Aboriginal history as well as wildflower displays. The abundance of 4WD tracks doesn’t go over a medium difficulty so even the newcomers are free to experience their adventurous ambitions and still be amongst the natural beauty. The terrain for this area is most commonly sandstone mountain ranges as well as dense forests.

The tracks also take you through waterfalls and wildflower displays. Additional to the 4WD tracks, this national park is one of Victoria’s most popular camping sites during the holidays. The combination of 4WD tracks, bushwalking, nature studies and camping really make it a must visit location in Australia.

To get the full sense of the Aboriginal heritage in this area be sure to drive to the Boroka and Reeds lookouts for some spectacular views. You will also be able to spot some important rock art sites within the area.

Grampians National Park also has a Cultural Centre that is open to the public and is fully st

affed. People coming from interstate or simply just want to learn more about the area are recommended to come here to chat with some of the staff. They will also be able to tell you which 4WD tracks are currently closed due to weather and which may be the best based upon your past experiences.

You can learn more about The Grampians National Park By Going To There Website Here

Before you head out on your adventure, If your new to 4wd and offroading or are not sure what equipment to take out with you on your adventures, make sure to check out the Off Road Aussies Essential 4×4 Equipment List where I have taken the time to review and recommend the equipment I use. If you kit yourself out correctly you will be able to tackle everything that your new adventures will throw at you.

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