10 Easy 4WD Tracks Close To Adelaide That You Must Try!

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When it comes to adventuring around Adelaide, there are many easy tracks close by that you can explore. From vast desert and national parks to stunning coastal views, it can be a little bit of a struggle finding which tracks you want to visit. Not to worry though, we have you covered! You will not believe how much variety there is, I could not believe it myself!

Here are 10 Easy tracks close to Adelaide that you must try!

  1. JAKEM Farm
  2. Saunders Gorge Sanctuary
  3. Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park
  4. Little Dip Conservation Park
  5. Flinders Ranges
  6. Ngarkat National Park
  7. Coorong
  8. Deep Creek Conservation Park
  9. Murray Mouth/Goolwa Beach
  10. Terowie 4WD Park

Before you continue, if your new to 4wd and offroading or are not sure what equipment to take out with you on your adventures, make sure to check out the Off Road Aussies Essential 4×4 Equipment List where I have taken the time to review and recommend the equipment I use. If you kit yourself out correctly you will be able to tackle everything that your new adventures will throw at you.


Credit to southaustralia.com

Distance: 60km

Time: 45minutes

Difficulty: Various tracks

Track Length: Varies

Track Time: Depends on track

Terrain: Rocky, Grassy, Hilly

Camping and entry fees apply

JAKEM Farm is a privately-owned conservation. This is a great destination close to Adelaide that you must try! With over 50km of trails to explore, there are some great easy ones here. If you want something to quench your off-roading thirst for a day trip to a weekender, the JAKEM Farm is one that should be on your list.

The terrain in the area is hilly countryside accompanied by rocks, which is perfect for getting to know your 4-wheel-driving skills. Once you get a little more comfortable with the easier tracks, you can move on to some that are a little more demanding.

A family day trip or a weekend away there is something for everyone. Some of the other activities available include:

  • Camping
  • Picnics
  • Biking
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Playground

You can even catch a glimpse of some of Australia’s wonderful wildlife, from kangaroos and wedge tailed eagles to turtles and ducks, along the mount barker creek.

As JAKEM Farm is a private conservation, bookings and registrations are required for camping, and it is best to call ahead to make sure they are open. You can fill in the registration either online or at the front office when you arrive.

The JAKEM Farm is located at Eclair Mine Road, St. Ives.

You can learn more about JAKEM Farm by going to this website here.

Saunders Gorge Sanctuary

Credit to southaustralia.com

Distance: 75km

Time: 1hr 30minutes

Difficulty: Easy – Medium

Track Length: Varies

Track Time: Varies

Terrain: Rocky, Hilly terrain

Bookings Required

Entry fees apply

If you are looking for a weekend trip, Saunders Gorge Sanctuary is an easy and close by option. Perfect for learning how to take on some grassy, rocky slopes of varying degrees, there are many scenic spots to stop and enjoy.

There is a dedicated 3-hour eagle view 4wd track to enjoy, while the walking trails are a delight for bird watchers. The track is not too difficult and is great for learning how to climb and tackle descents properly and, of course, safely. If you want something a little more challenging and you have the experience for it, there are other options besides the main track you can try to tackle. A handful of campsites are available for you and the family to enjoy.

Saunders Gorge Sanctuary is located at Three Chain Road, Sanderston. It is not too far from the town of Mount Pleasant, just 18km East of Mount Pleasant.

You can learn more about Saunders Gorge Sanctuary by going to this website here.

Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park

Distance: 245km

Time: 2hrs 50minutes

Difficulty: Varies

Track Length: Varies

Track Time: Depends on track

Terrain: Clay, Creeks, Hills

Entry and camping fees may apply

Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park is an off-roader’s dream. This 8,000-acre property offers tracks for all skill levels and is amazing for a newbie to improve their skills and experience when it comes to off-road driving. There is a 14km track that runs along the Murray River for a perfect cruisey scenic drive.

There is a bit of everything for all to enjoy, from serene spots and campsites to those tracks that experienced and skilled drivers can tackle. The terrain of this location is perfect for gaining skills in clay, creek, sand hills, as well as stony hills.

You do not have to rush your visits as there are campsites available and some great wildlife to encounter.

Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park is located at Caddy Road, Barmera.

You can learn more about Loveday 4×4 Adventure Park by going to this website here.

Little Dip Conservation Park

Credit to exploroz.com

Distance: 340km

Time: 3hrs 50minutes

Difficulty: Varies

Track Length: Varies

Track Time: Varies

Terrain: Beach, Rocky, Boggy

Entry fees apply

If you are looking for a beach drive, the Little Dip Conservation Park is where you need to head. There are many tracks for a newbie to process through and gain plenty of experience and to give your vehicle a good workout. Accompanied by stunning views and the pristine coastline, this is a weekend get away for family and friends to enjoy.

Travel to the lagoons and lakes throughout the park, cast your line and see what you can catch or even spend your time watching the wildlife, especially a large variety of birds. Fair warning when you are traveling down the beach as it is known to be rather boggy; you would not want to get stuck so it is recommended to have another with you.

Always remember to keep an eye out on the tide; otherwise, your vehicle can be swept away. Take care and follow all rules when beach driving as they are there for a reason.

Little Dip Conservation Park is located at Nora Creina Road, Robe.

You can learn more about Little Dip Conservation Park by going to this website here.

Flinders Ranges

Credit to australia.com

Distance: 440km

Time: 5hrs 30minutes

Difficulty: Varies

Track Length: Varies

Track Time: Dependent on track

Terrain: Mountain side, Sand, Dirt, Rock, Descents and Climbs

Possible Fees for privately owned tracks

Flinders Range is a must visit when you have the time for a weekend or even longer away. It is one of the best camping and off-roading destinations with a variety of tracks and terrains that you can tackle. Perfect for a beginner to get a taste and gain some experience and eventually move through to the more challenging options. There is something for everyone! It is recommend to travel with at least another for safety reasons.

A great feature that the Flinders Ranges offers is the option of tours. There are tour operated and self-drive experiences you can explore, which is great if you are just starting out. Not only that, but there is an abundance of flora and fauna you can spot and a variety of interest points which include:

  • Alpana Station
  • Mt. Samuel (For the more experienced off-roaders)
  • Scenery that captures your breath
  • Brachina Gorge

There are many public access routes you can take to:

  • Nuccaleena mine ruin
  • Old Artimore homestead
  • Patawarta gap

However, they can present challenging off road conditions, so it is best suited to more experienced drivers.

There are also many privately owned tracks you can use upon permission. You will just have to pay the owners for the parts of Flinders Ranges that are not accessible by public roads.

You can learn more about Flinders Ranges by going to this website here.

Ngarkat National Park

Credit to raa.com.au

Distance: 295km

Time: 3hrs

Difficulty: Varies

Track Length: Dependent on track

Track Time: Varies

Terrain: Desert, Rocky

Permit, Entry Fees, and Other Fees possibly required

Ngarkat National Park is perfect for an experience in the vast desert. The tracks range in difficulty and are great for newbies to make their way through. With hectares and hectares of land to conquer and explore, it is no wonder that this has made the list.

If you want to take a break from driving, you can set up a picnic or camp and have a wander down the interesting walking tracks available. You should also keep your eyes peeled for the wildlife in the area. A must stop is Hensley Trig Point if you are after some spectacular views of the vast desert. You will not believe what this destination has to offer you.

You can learn more about Ngarkat National Park by going to this website here.


Credit to environment.sa.gov.au

Distance: 180km

Time: 2hrs

Difficulty: Easy

Track Length: 65km

Track Time: Dependent on your driving

Terrain: Beach

If you are looking for a long, fairly easy-going track, this one is for you. The 65km Coorong Crossing leads to the beach, which extends along the southern ocean coastline and is the most reliable all-year round. You can practice your skills of beach driving and learn the importance of knowledge when it comes to tackling such a drive.

There is something for everyone. After enjoying a drive and taking in the scenery you can take up a chair, have a picnic and try your luck at fishing. You have the chance to catch some monsters including:

  • Salmon
  • Mulloway
  • Gummy Sharks

If you plan on sticking around for a while, there are designated camping sites for you to set up at. Remember to keep an eye on the tide and plan your journeys carefully so you do not end up getting stuck!

You can learn more about Coorong by going to this website here.

Deep Creek Conservation Park

Credit to southaustraliantrails.com

Distance: 100km

Time: 1hr 40minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Track Length: Varies

Track Time: Depending on track

Terrain: Coastal Terrain

If you are looking for a coastal drive that is fairly easy to take on, you should take a look at Deep Creek Conservation Park. Perfect for a day out with family and friends, the majority of the park is accessible and generally not too hard to tackle. However, there are two tracks that you should probably avoid until you know you have the experience and knowledge to take them on. These two tracks are:

  • The track from Cobbler Hill to Blow Hole Beach
  • The Boast Harbour Track

You can also experience some spectacular views and have a nice day out at the beach as it is only a short walk from the car park. Gorgeous accommodation is available for you to stay a night or two and take in the pure beauty that Australia provides.

You can learn more about Deep Creek Conservation Park by going to this website here.

Murray Mouth/Goolwa Beach

Credit to southaustralia.com

Distance: 96km

Time: 1hr 25minutes

Difficulty: Easy

Track Length: 15km

Track Time: Depends on your driving

Terrain: Beach

The drive from Goolwa Beach to the Murray Mouth is a relatively easy and cruisey day out. It’s perfect for fun in the sun with family and friends with little to worry about. Having said that, this beach is known to be boggy and claim a few vehicles each year. You need to be sure you keep an eye on the tide and plan your journey accordingly.

You can also have some fun finishing and swimming, while having a bite to eat or even set up a little campsite in a safe location. There is something for everyone and it it a great day out. Remember to follow beach driving rules and it is best to travel with someone else in case you do get bogged!

You can learn more about Murray Mouth/Goolwa Beach by going to this website here.

Terowie 4WD Park

Credit to terowie4wdpark.com

Distance: 230km

Time: 3hrs 50minutes

Difficulty: Various

Track Length: Depending on track

Track Time: Varies

Terrain: Bush

Entry Fees Apply

Terowie 4WD Park has a lot to offer. There are various tracks to suit all levels, and it is great for a newbie to get some experience under their belt. A pleasant drive through the Australian bush where you can experience the flora and fauna this country has to offer. A great destination for family and friends for a day trip or a weekender – you can not go wrong.

You can stop along the way and have some lunch, or set up a camp and fully take in your surroundings. The other tracks available once you have experience under your belt include dry river crossings, descents and climbs and some creed bed tracks and rocky shelves to conquer. If you plan on tackling these tracks when you have the experience and skill set, it is best to travel with someone else just in case.

One of the most unique features this park has to offer is its night time drives. Have you ever experience 4-wheel-driving at night and only by your lights? It may be something that you want to take on in the further.

You can learn more about Terowie 4WD Park by going to this website here.

Tips and Tricks

Follow these tips and tricks if you want to get the most out of your beach 4w driving:

  • When it comes to beach driving, be sure to let your tires down and plan your journey with the tide. You do not want to be stuck waiting 5-6hrs for the tide to turn, or worst yet loose your vehicle to the greedy sea.
  • Stick to the tracks at all destinations to avoid any fines or damage to the area.
  • Pick up and take all rubbish and waste with you and dispose of it correctly so you bring no harm to the environment.
  • Admire the wildlife from afar and do not interfere or feed them.
  • Respect other drivers in the area and the authority of the owners of privately owned land and parks that you are using.
  • Carry the appropriate safety gear with you at all times just in case you do get stuck.
  • Remember it is best to travel in pairs minimum in case there is an issue that arises.

Related Questions

What are some other destination options?

There are a variety of other options you can look into; however they begin to get further and further away. Here are a few you may want to look into:

  • Eyre Peninsula
  • Coffin Bay National Park
  • York Peninsula
  • Barmera
  • Morgan Quarry
  • Mount Crawford Forest

Never forget to take your safety gear with you. Moreover, if you lack the needed knowledge and skill set to take on these tracks, it’s best that you avoid them altogether.

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