17 4WD Tracks in NSW That Are Worth a Trip

There is no doubt that Australia has an abundance of beautiful scenery to explore 4-wheel driving, and when it comes to New South Wales (NSW), it is no different. There is a mixed bag of terrain to conquer and it can be difficult to pinpoint the tracks that are worth a trip. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. Whether you are serious or more of a causal off road enthusiast, here are 15 4-wheel drive tracks that you must try!

Here are 17 4wd tracks in NSW that are worth a trip:

  1. The Barraba Track/Mount Kaputar National Park
  2. The Barrington Trail
  3. Corner Country Road
  4. Lobs Hole Ravine Trail
  5. England Track
  6. Bridle Track
  7. Stockton Beach
  8. Wombeyan Caves
  9. Levuka 4WD Park
  10. Ados 4WD Course
  11. Dowling Track
  12. Central West 4WD Park
  13. Baal Bone Gap,Gardens Of Stone National Park
  14. Owen State Forest
  15. Yalwal State Forest
  16. Blacksmith Beach
  17. Abercrombie River National Park 

Before you continue, if you’re new to 4wd and offroading or are not sure what equipment to take out with you on your adventures, make sure to check out the Off Road Aussies Essential 4×4 Equipment List where I have taken the time to review and recommend the equipment I use. If you kit yourself out correctly you will be able to tackle everything that your new adventures will throw at you.

The Barraba Track/Mt Kaputar National Park

Credit to National Parks NSW
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Track Length: 8km
  • Track Time: 3hrs
  • Terrain: Steep, rocky, cliffs, valleys
  • Requires permit, key, and booking

Situated in the North of New South Wales is the Barraba Track, which is a secured 4WD trail that only permits a number of vehicles to pass through every week. You are lucky if you see another on your journey, so be sure you can handle the task and have the appropriate equipment and requirements with you! This trek is often off-limits during wet weather for safety reasons.

With views of Mount Dowe and Lindasay Rock Tops through the trees and the pure wilderness that you are surrounded by. You can pass time bird-watching and taking some magnificent photographs. The track will eventually take to you an 1,510m look out over the incredible ancient view.

After you have explored this trail, take advantage of what the Mount Kaputar National Park has to offer. The National Park is a result of volcanic eruptions from millions of years ago that eroded and carved the landscape you will see. Other activities can include:

  • Camping
  • Bush Walking
  • Various 4WD Tracks 
  • Animal Watching 
  • Cycling 
  • Horse Riding

This is a destination you most definitely want to try out.

You can learn more about The Barraba Track/Mt. Kaputar National Park by going to this website here.

The Barrington Trail/ Barrington Tops National Park

Credit to National Parks NSW
  • Difficulty: Easy (as long as it is dry)
  • Track Length: 15km
  • Track Time: 1hour
  • Terrain: Forest, Rock

Barrington Tops National has a track that is 15km long. It was once only a foot traffic area but it has now been opened up for a great drive. The best time to visit this destination is between October and May. Perfect for a family day out or a weekend away.

There are two campgrounds and one picnic area that you can set up to take a breather. With activities from fishing, wildlife, walking, biking and bird-watching you can make the most of your adventure. Home to some of the oldest trees in Australia, you will not believe the surroundings.

Fair warning, you need to be careful after rain as the track can become slippery.

You can learn more about The Barrington Trail/Barrington Tops National Park by going to this website here.

Corner Country Road

Credit to Exploroz.com
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Track Length: 469km
  • Track Time: 2 Days
  • Terrain: Outback

If you are looking for a cruisy drive, then the Corner Country Road is the track for you. You will be immersed in Australian history and the natural heritage of the open plains of the outback. This is definitely a drive you should take on, but it is best to do so in the Autumn-Spring time as it can get unbearably hot during the Summer months.

The track starts 1,000km out of the West of Sydney and takes you along the approximate journey that Charles Stuart took in 1845. You will come across the little timber outback towns and the dingo fence. It is about as much outback as you can get without heading to the Northern Territory.

You can admire the changes of the flora and fauna and even meet a few locals along the way. Re-live some Australian history and take your hand at this magnificent drive.

You can learn more about Corner Country Road by going to this website here.

Lobs Hole Ravine Trail

Credit to National Parks NSW
  • Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
  • Track Length: 22km
  • Track Time: 1 hour
  • Terrain: River crossing, Rock

You should seriously consider this next destination. Lobs Hole Ravine Trail is a great piece of Australian history located in the Snowy Mountains. The track was used by the mountain gold miners in the 1800’s. As you drive along you can see the past that has been left behind. The remnants of old mine sites and tracks is unbelievable – you can gain an excellent insight into Australian history.

From tackling the rocky terrain to attempting the river crossing this trek is available all year round. When it comes to taking on the river crossing you should check the water level prior to crossing – we do not want any swept away vehicles and emergency situations.

Accompanied with a variety of other activities from bush walks and a paddle in the Yarrangobilly River, this is a day out for the whole family.

You can learn more about Lobs Hole Ravine Trail by going to this website here.

England Track

Credit to Youtube.com
  • Difficulty: Moderate – Hard
  • Track Length: Varies
  • Track Time: Varies
  • Terrain: Steep, Rocky, Slippery

Just to the South of Coffs Harbour Town Center is the England Track. Accessible all year round, this is a trek you must try. This is one for the experienced and skilled off-roader, most definitely not one for the fainthearted. Before tackling this track it is advised to have the best knowledge from big tires, a recovery kit and all the other trimmings.

With a brilliant track that can take time depending on your skill set, it is recommended that you travel with a friend or two just in case. Take in the breath taking views of the sweeping mountain ranges and even wander the area on foot for a different experience.

You can learn more about England Track by going to this website here.

Bridle Track

Credit to Exploroz.com
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Track Length: 47km
  • Track Time: Day Trip
  • Terrain: Rocky, Cliff

A favourite among the off-roading community, the Bridle Track is a must! It was once a route that stock men would take with horses in the 1800’s to link the goldfields of Hill End to Bathurst. With plenty of camp sites, old mines, and fishing popular in the area, this is a destination to explore during the Spring-Autumn seasons.

It is one of the more picturesque drives available in New South Wales of valley and river views. Some parts of the track are impassable due to being too narrow or land slide, however there are alternative routes

to those sections. If you are not use to driving a track like this is can feel rather death defying. Be sure you have all the safety equipment, skills and knowledge to take this on. It is also recommended to have another vehicle in case assistance is required.

You can learn more about Bridle Track by going to this website here.

Stockton Beach

Credit to Visit Newcastle
  • Difficulty: Varies
  • Track Length: 53km
  • Track Time: Varies
  • Terrain: Sand, Dunes


Stockton Beach, situated just North of Newcastle, is arguably one of the most popular 4WD beach spots in all of New South Wales. It is best to visit this destination in the warmer months so you can set up a picnic for the day, or even a camp for the night and really enjoy your surroundings.

There is a large variety of of sand dunes you can tackle or even the shore you can explore at low tide. Remember to be wary of the tide as you do not want to get stuck and have you vehicle swept away. Other activities you can enjoy include fishing, swimming and spotting the tank traps from World War II and the MV Synga Wreck at low tide.

You can learn more about Stockton Beach by going to this website here.

Wombeyan Caves

Credit to Aussietowns.com.au
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Track Length: 83km
  • Track Time: Day Trip
  • Terrain: Caves, rocks, river
  • Bookings may be required for camping

If you are after something a little different or perhaps you are a cave enthusiast, the Wombeyan Caves is most definitely worth it. Located approximately 180km South-West of Sydney – you can take this on any time of the year. It was reopened after repairs made in late 2015 and is something the whole family will enjoy.

There are accommodation options available so you do not have to rush and can stay a night or two. There are five brilliant caves you can enjoy including guided toures of Wollondilly, Junction, Mulwaree, and Kooringa Caves. There is a do it yourself, self guided tour for the Fig Tree Cave as well.

You can learn more about Wombeyan Caves by going to this website here.

Levuka 4WD Park

Credit to Levuka.com.au
  • Difficulty: Varies
  • Track Length: 50km
  • Track Time: Varies
  • Terrain: Bush, Rock, Dirt

The Levuka 4WD Park is an amazing family destination available all year round. Situated North of New South Wales, rather close to the Queensland border, this is a trip that offers you so many things to do. There are a variety of options you can tackle so no matter your experience or preference you will find something to your liking.

If you do not want to stick to driving and take a break, there are other activities you can enjoy. These include:

  • Bush Walking 
  • Biking 
  • Kayaking 
  • Wildlife 
  • Camping

This is a must try location for any off-roader.

You can learn more about Levuka 4WD Park by going to this website here.

ADOS 4WD Course

Credit to Australian 4×4
  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Track Length: 50km
  • Track Time: Varies
  • Terrain: Mountain, Grass, Dirt


The ADOS 4WD Course near Dubbo is open all year round. It is located on a working sheep and cattle property so you need to be sure you stick to the track and respect your surroundings. If you are just looking for a decent drive and an escape into nature, this is a great choice for you.

You have the option of staying onsite in the shearers quarters or make your way to the nearby national park for a camp out. Remember to close all gates behind you as it is a working property and you would not want to inconvenience the owners. Surrounded by magnificent scenery, this is most definitely worth a trip.

You can learn more about ADOS 4WD Course by going to this website here.

Dowling Track

Credit to Trip Plan
  • Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
  • Track Length: 560km
  • Track Time: 3 Day +
  • Terrain: Unsealed roads, Outback, River crossing

The Dowling Track is the ultimate outback adventure with a whopping 560km to explore. You can spend days on this trip! Located in Bourke to Quilpe, you end up travelling from New South Wales to Queensland. It follows a bit of Australian history, as it is the journey Vincent James Dowling took as he explored the country throughout the 1860’s. There are also 3 amazing chances for a river crossing. These are:

  • The Darling 
  • The Paroo
  • The Bulloo

There are plenty of stops along the way including the Bourke, which is one of the most famous outback towns, as well as Ford’s Bridge, tiny town along the Warrego Rivver – plus many more. As it is an outback drive, you need to ensure you are prepared, have notified others of your estimated ETA, and that you are carrying enough food, water, and emergency supplies.

You will not see too many others along your journey and the local towns are great to break up the trip. Get to know the ones who live out in the outback and tackle the Dowling Track – it is simply a must for any off-roader.

You can learn more about Dowling Track by going to this website here.

Central West 4WD Park

Credit to Whichcar.com.au
  • Difficulty: Varies
  • Track Length: Depends on track
  • Track Time: Varies
  • Terrain: River bank, Dirt, Rock
  • Fees, Permits, Camping, Bookings

Now, some 30km from the center of Mudgee, is the Central West 4WD Park. One of the few approved 4WD parks in New South Wales, it is located on Hill End at Avisford. There is a great deal on offer at this amazing park, with 1,500 acres to explore you can be sure there is something for everyone no matter you skill level.

There are a few old gold mines scattered around the area from the gold rush in the 1800’s. If that is not of much interest to you, the property backs on to the Meroo River. Whether you want to go for a quick dip or try your hand at catching a Redfin or Yabby, it is a beautiful back drop. You can even camp along the river bank to fully immerse yourself in to the landscape.

With the over 50 off-road tracks on offer you can take out your standard vehicle, a fully kitted out ride or even a rock crawling buggy! The perfect weekend away for family and friends – this destination is most definitely worth a visit.

You can learn more about Central West 4WD Park by going to this website here.

Baal Bone Gap, Gardens of Stone National Park

Credit to National Parks NSW
  • Difficulty: Moderate – Hard
  • Track Length: Varies
  • Track Time: Dependant on path
  • Terrain: Descents, Ascents, Rocks, Mud

This track is relatively easy except for a few sections where you are required to climb cliffs, tackle mud puddles and deep muddy ruts. If you have the experience and the know-how, this is most definitely worth a visit. Perfect for a day out with friends you get the opportunity to take in the beautiful landscape of Capertree Valley.

The stony tracks can be rather bumpy, you need to be prepared especially if you are going to take it on after rainfall as it gets incredibly slippery. A point of interest in the area you may want to check is the Lost City – it is worth a stop if it interests you.

Take a picnic or camp over night in one of the nearby National Parks. There is something for everyone from walks, wildlife to a photographers dream scenery. A fun track you just can not miss out on.

You can learn more about Baal Bone Gap, Gardens of Stone National Park by going to this website here.

Owen State Forest

Credit to Travelin.com.au
  • Difficulty: Varies
  • Track Length: Depends on track
  • Track Time: Varies
  • Terrain: Forest, Rock, Dirt


Owen State Forest has a lot to offer particularly for the avid off-roader who is looking for a challenge. If you’re after the tracks to test your skills and knock your socks off, this is where you need to come. It is advised you have one or two other vehicles with you and all the supplies and recovery gear you may need. Be sure you have the knowledge of recovery techniques if you are going to take on the more challenging treks. It is a must for any serious and experienced driver.

You can learn more about Owen State Forest by going to this website here.

Yalwal State Forest

Credit to Picdeer.com
  • Difficulty: Varies
  • Track Length: Depends on treks
  • Track Time: Various
  • Terrain: Dirt, Rock, Ruts, Mud

The Yalwal State Forest is perfect to test out your rig, skills, and knowledge – it is literally the ultimate off roader’s playground. You can build up your confidence and test out the Powerlines track and then move to either the famous Monkey Gum Trail or the Six Stage, which can really put you under the pump.

Perfect for trip with family and friends there is a variety of things to enjoy. Some activities available include:

  • Fishing 
  • Camping 
  • Various water activities

You will not regret this trip when you are just craving a good challenge.

You can learn more about Yalwal State Forest by going to this website here.

Blacksmiths Beach

Credit to Youtube.com
  • Difficulty: Easy – Moderate
  • Track Length: Varies
  • Track Time: Dependent on route
  • Terrain: Sand, Beach

The Blacksmith Beach is located just two hours North of Sydney. It is a great option if you are a newbie and looking to get some beach driving experience under you belt, or even if you are an avid off roader and just want a cruisy day out with the family.

The sand here can be incredibly soft, so be sure that you let that tire pressure down and keep your momentum up to avoid getting bogged. Do not forget some recover gear in case you do get stuck. Always remember to play your journey according to the tides and keep an eye out for the turn – you most definitely do not want to see you vehicle eaten up by the swell.

The Blacksmiths Beach is well worth it for a day in the sun, water and sand – pass time tackling sand dunes or cooling off in the water. You will not regret this trip.

You can learn more about Blacksmiths Beach by going to this website here.

Abercrombie River National Park

Credit to National Parks NSW
  • Difficulty: Varies
  • Track Length: Varies
  • Track Time: Dependant on route
  • Terrain: Mud, Rocks, River crossings

The Abercrombie River National Park was established in 1995 to protect the last of the mountain woodland and to maintain the pure quality of the Abercrombie River water catchments. It is a truly breathtaking scene. No matter if you are just learning your hand at the wheel or you have all the know how – there will be something to peak your interest.

You can enjoy this destination with family an/or friends from steep ascends and descents, swimming holes to the historical points of interest – you will never get bored. Stay a little longer and camp for a night or two to fully get the experience this National Park has to offer.

You can learn more about Abercrombie River National Park by going to this website here.

Fair warning, if it has been raining some of the tracks can get rather slippery so you need to be careful and bring the appropriate recovery gear with you.

No matter you need or want there are plenty of tracks in New South Wales that you can explore. Pack up the gear, get the car moving and see what adventures you can find!

Related Question

What are some additional tracks in New South Wales?

Here are a few that are worth checking out if you make it through the list:

  • Woomargama National Park
  • Livingstone National Park
  • Bylong Creek 4×4 Park
  • Cunnawarra National Park
  • Orara Escarpment

Your safety gear is your best friend when you’re out off-roading, so never forget to take it with you. In addition, if you lack the expertise need to tackle these tracks, make sure you have someone capable with you. Better yet, stick to the easy routes and avoid difficult tracks altogether.

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