4wd Trips in Western Australia

4wd Impassable When Wet
4wd Trips in Western Australia
4wd Impassable When Wet
Welcome to the 4wd Trips part of my website. As I go on 4wd trips in Western Australia and beyond, I’ll write them up and put them in hear. I’m constantly amazed at the variety of scenery and awe-inspiring vastness of this country that we live in. I absolutely love getting out and about and finding places that most people just don’t know about. If you have any areas that you’d like information on then post below and I’ll see what I can find out for you. Also, if you’ve got any tracks that you’ve heard of, let me know and I’ll see if I can drive them and write something up for you. If you’re looking for 4x4wiki, that website has been decommissioned and all the trips moved to here. Other content from 4x4wiki has been moved into other sections of my website.

4WD Trips in Western Australia

– 12 Easy 4WD Tracks Close To Perth That Everyone Must Try!

“What’s the point of owning a 4WD if you NEVER go out on adventures and discover the tracks around you. I’ll tell you, there isn’t much point at all. If you’re curious to explore and experience some easy off-road tracks close to Perth, here are some of the favorites among the off-roading community.”

Wilbinga Sand Tracks , A Great Day Trip North Of Perth

“The Wilbinga Sand Tracks 4wd Trip trip is based on the Wilbinga to Seabird trip noted in the 4wd Days out of Perth book. As a group, we’d decided to start late so that we could enjoy the facilities at the Willow Brook Farm Camp Ground. This meant that we were a little short of time to complete the track all the way to Seabird. At a later date, we plan on continuing the trip from Moore River all the way to Ledge Point. But that’s for another day.”

– Ledge Point to Guilderton, A Great 4WD Adventure Close To Perth

“I’d been looking for a 4wd trip along the coast somewhere. One that wasn’t too popular so that it would be a bit of an adventure. We’d done Preston Beach and Wilbinga before and enjoyed them, but I was after something a little different.So I got onto Google Maps and took a look around, and really the logical place to look close to Perth was Guilderton. And then north to Ledge Point.”

– White Hills To Myalup, A Great Day Track Close to Mandurah W.A

“The Southern Shores 4wd trip is a well known track along the beach south of Mandurah in Western Australia. The 4wd trip starts at the end of White Hill Road and continues southward towards Bunbury. There are exit points at Preston Beach and Myalup as you head south. The conditions vary widely from still and perfect to rough, windy and very soft.   It is a very popular place for beach go-ers, fishermen, picnic-ers and four wheel drivers.”

– Dalwallinu Wildflowers Trip On The Wildflower Way

“The Dalwallinu Wildflowers 4wd trip took a small group of adventurers through the wildflower country to the north east of Dalwallinu in Western Australia. The long weekend showed us the amazing display of wildflowers that visitors from all over the world come to witness. Although we are not avid wildflower watchers, we had heard that the wildflower display in Western Australia is well worth seeing, and we were not disappointed.”

– Wandoo Country, The Unknown Part Of The Mundaring Powerlines Track

“The area we drove through is rich in Western Australian history. The first section of the track, along Nganguring Road, follows the original settlers roadway from Perth to York. Interestingly, this same roadway turns into the well known Mundaring Powerlines track a little further towards Perth. In fact we could hear a group of drivers on the Powerlines track over our UHF radios.”

– 4wd Trip – Francois Peron National Park

“Called Wulyibidi by the local aboriginal people who have inhabited the region for 26,000 years, the Francois Peron National Park is located within the Shark Bay World Heritage Sanctuary. The area is a former sheep station, and the original homestead can be accessed via a short 2wd road from the main Denham – Monkey Mia road. The Homestead offers visitors the opportunity to see what life was like on a sheep station in the area. An artesian well also provides visitors the opportunity to bathe in a hot spa, with water heated to approximately 40 degrees c”

– 4wd Trip – Boyagin Nature Reserve

“The Boyagin Nature Reserve trip is a 4wd trip described in the 4th edition of the 4wd Days out of Perth booklet. Our intention was to follow that trip, however things turned out a little differently from expected.”

– 4wd Trip – Dwellingup Fencelines

“Dwellingup is a small town south of Perth. The town has a long history originally as the terminus of the Pinjarra/Marinup railway, as a logging town. In more modern times, Dwellingup has become known as a centre for bauxite mining. In 1961, 132 homes in Dwellingup were destroyed by devastating fires that tore through the area. 800 odd people were left homeless in the Dwellingup area, however there were no fatalities.”