5 Best Winches for Ford Raptor

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Are you looking for a winch for your Ford Raptor? There are so many winches out there that it can be difficult to figure out which one is the best for you. Many winches will work for a Ford Raptor, but it is important to get a winch that will be reliable in an emergency. 

The best winches for Ford Raptor should be able to haul its weight of up to 6,000 pounds. A good option is the Smittybilt 10,000 lb. Winch, though the Rough Country Pro Series is good too. You can get a winch with either a synthetic or a steel rope, but make sure it has great reviews on Amazon.

In this article, I will go over some of the things you should look for when buying a winch for your Ford Raptor. I will also show you some good winches you can get from Amazon today if you will be going on an off-road trip soon. Let us get into it. 

How Much Does a Ford Raptor Weigh?

The weight of your vehicle is the most important thing to know when searching for a winch. You need a winch that will be strong enough to haul out your vehicle from a ditch. A winch that is too weak will be worthless. 

The average Ford Raptor weighs around 5,500 to 5,600 pounds. That is around 2,500 to 2,550 kilograms for those of you who are living internationally. However, it is not just the truck’s weight that you have to take into account. If you are loading your truck with camping or hiking equipment, food, an extra tire, extra gas, and other things, your winch will need to have the power to haul all of it. 

Besides, if you add modifications to your vehicle, the weight can go up as well. For example, installing a suspension lift kit will add extra weight that you will need to consider when choosing a winch. For this reason, it is important to be conservative when choosing a winch and go for more hauling power rather than less. The more, the better, as long as the price fits your budget. 

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I recommend not buying a winch with less than 7,000 pounds of hauling capacity if you have a Ford Raptor. 

How Much Should a Ford Raptor Winch Cost?

You should expect to pay at least a few hundred dollars for a good winch for your Ford Raptor, at the minimum. However, the exact price will depend on what kind of winch you get – for example, you can get either a winch with a synthetic cable or a steel rope. In either case, you will also have to factor in additional expenses, such as a winch mount that you can attach the winch to in the case of an emergency when you need to haul your vehicle. 

Also, good winches will be more expensive. You will find many winches that cost more than $500. You may not have the budget for these, but you will find them more reliable – if you can afford them – if you are in a real emergency. In any case, good winches start at around $300. 

The next sections will go over the best Ford Raptor winches you can buy on Amazon. Amazon is great for buying winches since you have a wide selection to choose from. You can also see reviews from previous buyers, which can give you insights into whether the winches were reliable in the case of need. 

AC-DK 12,500 lb. Load Capacity Electric Winch Kit

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This AC-DK winch has a load capacity of 12,000, which is more than double what a normal Ford Raptor weighs, giving you a lot of extra wiggle room. It is waterproof with an IP67 rating, which means that this can be used even if your Ford Raptor is stuck in a lake or raining heavily outside when you get stuck in the mud. 

The winch is reliable – it comes with two years of a limited warranty and lifetime technical support. It is an electric winch, not a hydraulic winch. 

You can control the winch easily with the two wireless remotes that come with it. It even comes with a pair of gloves you can use to protect your hands while operating the winch. 

This winch comes in several versions on Amazon: 

  • Nine thousand five hundred pounds, steel cable or synthetic rope. This option is a bit cheaper, and it will still be enough for a Ford Raptor, which does not usually weigh over 6,000 pounds. However, you will only save a few dollars, so it might be worth getting a stronger version. 
  • Twelve thousand five hundred pounds, steel cable, or synthetic rope. This one is a better version, as it will be a lot stronger for just a few extra dollars. Like the 9,500-pound version, you can get this winch with either a steel cable or a synthetic rope. 
  • Thirteen thousand pounds, steel cable, or synthetic rope. This one is the strongest version, but to be honest, it is not that much stronger than the 12,500-pound version. 

A steel cable version will be a little cheaper than a synthetic rope version. There are pros and cons to both types. 

The steel rope is 3/8″ in diameter and 85 feet (around 25 meters) long, so it will be enough even if your Ford Raptor gets stuck in a deeper ditch. If there is any loss of power, the winch will automatically disengage. 

Whether you get the steel or the synthetic version, you will get a fairlead roller or an aluminum fairlead made of heavy-duty steel. The rope is tested to be strong, and the three-stage planetary gear system has a gear ratio of 265:1. As mentioned, the winch is waterproof, although the wireless remote control, which allows you to operate the winch and stay safe, is not. 

Reviews are pretty good. As of the time of this writing, the product has a 4.2-star average. Some things that stand out are that the winch works great, has a great price, and is a great deal. 

Smittybilt X2O Comp – Waterproof 10k lb. Rope Winch

This winch can be a few hundred dollars more expensive than the previous one. It costs more than $500 for the cheapest version with a synthetic rope, though the steel cable version is less than $350 (remember that prices are subject to change on Amazon; any prices mentioned here reflect current prices as of this writing). However, Smittybilt is a very good brand that is well known for being reliable and long-lasting. 

The winch will come with a wireless remote that you can use to operate the winch from a distance. However, you can operate the winch manually as well if you wish. The winch is made of stainless steel, has a three-stage planetary gear system, and has a 6.6 HP amphibious motor.

There are a few versions of this winch that you can get on Amazon, with varying prices. Availability can always change, so check on Amazon for updated availability. Here are the options you can get: 

  • 10,000 pound capacity with steel rope. This option is good for most Ford Raptors; you won’t need more than that, and it is the cheapest option.
  • 10,000 pound capacity with synthetic rope. This one will add as much as a couple of hundred dollars more to the price. If you are on a budget, just get a steel rope.
  • 10,000 pound capacity with yellow waterproof synthetic rope. This one is a bit more expensive, but the main difference between this one and the previous one is that this one’s rope is yellow and the other’s rope is black. 
  • 12,000 pound capacity, with either synthetic rope or steel cable. Two options are available. 
  • 15,500-pound capacity. This option is way more than you need for a Ford Raptor. 
  • 17,500-pound capacity. Again, this is more than you will need unless you have other vehicles you might want to use the winch for, which weigh a lot more. 

The winch comes with a lifetime mechanical warranty and a five-year electrical warranty. I did say that Smittybilt was a great brand! It has been around for over 50 years, making accessories for Jeeps, SUVs, and other vehicles. 

Reviews on Amazon are almost entirely positive, with 94 percent of reviews being four or five stars (as of this writing). Some things that stood out in reviews were that the winch was easy to install, looks great, is well built, and is generally a “great winch.” Some reviewers said that the wireless remote stopped working, but the warranty would cover that. You can always operate the winch manually if it is an emergency and the wireless suddenly doesn’t work.

Rough Country 12,000 LB PRO Series Electric Winch

Rough Country is another great brand to choose from if you are looking for a brand you can trust. It offers a great price-quality ratio and is well known in the trucker community. This winch comes with a synthetic rope and has a 12,000-pound hauling capacity, which is a lot more than you need for a Ford Raptor.

Not only is this winch IP67 certified to be waterproof, but it is also dustproof. The fact that it is both waterproof and dustproof means that not only can you use it in lakes and the rain, but you can use it in the sand or desert. The way the winch is designed helps prevent overheating and makes it more efficient at higher speeds. The hand control has a cable that you can pull out, which extends up to 12 feet, allowing you to operate the winch from a 12-foot distance. 

The reviews on Amazon for this product are generally positive, with most reviews (89 percent as of the time of this writing) giving it either four or five stars. The downside of this winch is, it does not have a wireless remote. The remote is attached with a cable; nevertheless, since it extends up to 12 feet, it allows you to stay safe while operating the winch. 

X-BULL Synthetic Rope Winch-13000 lb. Load Capacity

X-Bull is a decent brand, and this winch is not very expensive. There are two options – orange and blue. I would recommend getting the orange winch, as it is less expensive and will allow you to save money. 

Unlike the Rough Country winch, this X-Bull winch does have a wireless remote. Also, the winch is entirely waterproof, with an IP67 rating ensuring its waterproof quality. The winch has a powerful motor, a three-stage planetary gear system, and a high efficiency. The warranty is only for one year, but they provide technical support for a lifetime to their customers. 

The cable is made out of synthetic materials and is strong and durable. In addition to the wireless remote, there is a wired remote – so you have two options for controlling the winch. Reviews are mixed but mostly positive, as the product currently has a 4.3 average rating. People mentioned that it looks good, works great, it is good quality for the price, and it is a good winch overall. 

As mentioned in the subheading, this winch has a load capacity of 13,000 pounds, which is a lot more than most Ford Raptor owners will need. For that price, a 13,000-pound capacity is a good deal. 

RUGCEL Winch Waterproof 13k lb. Rope Winch

Like many other options, I listed in this article that this winch comes in several versions. 

There are the 2,000 pound and 3,500-pound versions. However, these will not be sufficient for a Ford Raptor, so even though they both cost less than $100, we can forget about using them for your Ford truck. Instead, get the 13,000-pound capacity version, which will work for your Ford Raptor. 

This winch has a three-stage planetary gear system, a free spooling clutch, a 7.2hp 12v series wound motor, and a synthetic rope (made out of nylon). Not only is the winch itself entirely waterproof, but you will also get a double waterproof capstan cover for the winch. The winch comes with a one-year warranty. 

The nylon rope is 100 feet long (around 30 meters), so it is longer than many other winches. Also, the rope is 7/16″ thick, which is pretty good. 

Reviews on Amazon are generally positive, as it has a 4.3-star average rating. Some things that stand out from the reviews are that the winch is easy to install, works great, and looks great. However, some reviewers did mention that the remotes did not work properly. 

Should You Get a Synthetic or Steel Rope?

As you can see, there are both winches with a steel cable and those with a synthetic rope, made out of materials such as nylon. You might be wondering which one to get for your Ford Raptor. That is a good question! There are both pros and cons to each one. 

Steel ropes are heavier than cable ropes, so they will weigh down your vehicle more and be harder to handle. At the same time, they are less prone to breaking down. The fact that they are less prone to breaking down is not because synthetic ropes are inherently weaker than steel ropes. Most synthetic ropes can be made to be as strong or even stronger than steel ropes. On the other hand, steel ropes work better when rubbed against rocks and other harsh surfaces. 

Synthetic rope can also be damaged when exposed to UV rays from the sun. On the other hand, steel cables have their problems. Steel can get rusty, while synthetic ropes do not; although winches with steel ropes might be waterproof, that does not necessarily stop the cable itself from getting rusty after being left in the rain. However, you can use WD-40 to clean off the rust from steel cables. Steel cables are also harder to fix when they break. 

On the other hand, as you have seen yourself in this article, steel cables are generally cheaper than synthetic ropes. As such, if you are on a budget, consider getting a winch with a steel cable. Just make sure it is from a good brand, like Rough Country or Smittybilt, and that the winch comes with a warranty. 

If you want to learn a bit more about the pros and cons of steel vs. synthetic winch ropes, watch this short and informative Youtube video: 


Wrapping Up

As you can see, there are a lot of options if you are looking for a winch for your Ford Raptor. The most important thing is to make sure that it has a load capacity that will be sufficient for your Ford Raptor, including any cargo you have on it and any modifications and aftermarket parts you added to it. 

Think of things like larger tires that you might have installed – they will add more weight to haul. Make sure it has great reviews on Amazon or is from a trusted brand like Smittybilt or Rough Country. 


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