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link to Dalgary Rock Hole

Dalgary Rock Hole

Dalgary Rock Hole was a welcome spot to stop for a rest. The Rock Hole has been used for centuries by the local aboriginal people as a water hole. In more recent times, camel caravans would stop here...

link to Ants Nest

Ants Nest

This ants nest was huge! I would estimate it at about 50cm from edge to edge. Which was quite strange because the ants weren't all that large... Check out the full Wubin Wildflowers story

link to Wreath Flower

Wreath Flower

Wreath flowers are rare. They only grow in open sandy soil in a few areas in Western Australia. As you can see, they flower around the edge of the plant making them look like a Wreath.

link to Everlastings


This photo was taking on a recent wildflower trip up near Wubin in Western Australia. We were amazed at how many wildflowers there were. Although we're not avid wildflower spotters, we had often...