Are Daystar Lift Kits Good? Full Review

Are you thinking about getting a Daystar lift kit? If you are on the fence about buying a Daystar lift kit or considering several brands and unsure which one to choose, this article is for you. But Daystar lift kits have their pros and cons, so they are not for everyone. 

Daystar lift kits are good and generally affordable but still good quality. They have good reviews and support many models. If you are looking for a quality lift that is still conservative in price, a Daystar suspension lift kit, body lift kit, or leveling kit is a good choice. 

In this article, we will discuss the different types of Daystar lift kits available. We will also help you decide whether the price-quality ratio of Daystar lift kits is right for you or whether you would be better off searching for another brand. Let us get into it. 

What Are Daystar Lift Kits? 

Daystar is a company that sells accessories for trucks, cars, jeeps, and UTVs. Their website is  where they sell things such as suspension lift kits, spring bushings, track bars, armor, bull bars, two-way radios, and winches. In other words, they sell both interior and exterior accessories, as well as aftermarket parts for your suspension. Also, they sell motorcycle accessories, though that is not the focus of this article. 

Daystar lift kits are lift kits that are designed to raise the height of your vehicle. You might want to lift your truck for several reasons – perhaps you like the way it looks, or perhaps you are trying to get more ground clearance. Either way, there are several types of lift kits over at Daystar, which we will go over in the next section. 

Daystar lift kits are not very expensive. On the other hand, they are not the cheapest lift kits on the market either. They are in the lower range when it comes to cost, but various options are even cheaper if you try to save every penny.

Nevertheless, it is best not to cut too many corners when it comes to lift kits, so Daystar lift kits generally give you a good price to quality ratio. They are affordable but still good quality, unlike many of the dirt-cheap brands. 

What Types of Lift Kits Does Daystar Sell? 

There are several types of lift kits you can get from Daystar. Each lift kit does something else and serves a different purpose. In addition to going over the different kinds of lift kits, we will explain why you might want to get each one. 

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Daystar Suspension Lift Kits

These lift kits are a little more expensive than the next type of lift kit we will talk about. Daystar Suspension Lift Kits lift your suspension. They come with all the hardware you need. These types of lift kits increase your ground clearance. They do not just raise the frame of your vehicle.

This type of suspension lift kit is the hardest to install. You might want to have a professional install it for you or have some experience before installing this type of lift kit. You will also need to set aside some time to do it, as installing this type of lift kit takes the most time. However, Daystar suspension kits are easier to install than suspension kits from other brands. They also come with helpful instructions. 

A suspension lift kit is best for those who want to improve their suspension and give their truck more ground clearance. It has that benefit in addition to all of the other benefits of all lift kits, such as better aesthetics and the ability to install larger, taller tires. They also allow you to raise your truck a lot higher – you may be able to go up as much as nine inches. On the other hand, they are more expensive and harder to install. 

Daystar Body Lift Kits

The Daystar body lift kits are a little different. You might see it called a “tactical” lift kit on Amazon or the Daystar website. Other common names for body lift kits are spacer lift kits and frame lift kits. They only lift your truck’s body and put “space” between the body and the suspension. 

In other words, they do not affect your suspension. That is why they are easier to install. When you buy most Daystar body lift kits, you won’t have to do any cutting or welding. You will not have to make changes to the chassis or suspension most of the time. Not only will this make things easier for you, but you also will run less of a risk of ruining your warranty.

Since you will not be lifting the suspension, you will need fewer parts, which is why these lift kits are cheaper. 

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On the other hand, Daystar body lift kits won’t give you more ground clearance. They will only raise the frame of your truck, which might look cool. They will also allow you to install larger tires. However, since the suspension will remain the same, there will be a limit to how high you can raise your frame. This limit is often just three to five inches. 

You need less time and expertise to install a Daystar body lift kit. 

Daystar Leveling Kits

Daystar leveling kits increase your truck’s ground clearance, but they only do it for the front part of your truck. Most trucks come with the back part slightly higher than the front part by default. The reason for this is simple – they expect people to put a lot of weight and cargo on the back, which will weigh it down and cause it to sink to the ground. 

With the back part higher up, they expect both sides to be even when the backside is loaded and sagging. 

However, there are times when you will want to get your front part level with the back part. Perhaps you do not load your back part and would like your front part to have the same ground clearance as your back part. In that case, you can get a leveling kit. 

Daystar leveling kits are generally the cheapest of the three types of lift kits they sell. They are also incredibly easy to install. They do not have a lot of parts, which is why they are so cheap. Usually, however, leveling kits will only lift your truck’s front part by one to three inches. After all, the goal is to get it level with the back part, not raise your entire truck by many inches.

As such, you will only get an extra inch or two of additional ground clearance by installing a leveling kit. 

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Below, we will talk about the pros and cons of Daystar lift kits. 

Pros of Daystar Lift Kits

  • They are relatively affordable and not too expensive
  • The leveling kits are especially cheap
  • Daystar lift kits tend to have good reviews on the web

Cons of Daystar Lift Kits

  • There are cheaper options out there
  • There are better options out there
  • The selection is decent, but you may not be able to find a lift kit for your specific vehicle

Is A Daystar Lift Kit for You? Why Buy One

In this section, we will go over why you might want to buy a Daystar lift kit. We will also go over who Daystar lift kits are best suited for. 

You Are Looking for an Affordable Option

If you are looking for an affordable option, Daystar lift kits might be for you. As we mentioned before, there are cheaper lift kits out there. Daystar is far from the cheapest lift kit brand. Simultaneously, most of the lift kits that are dirt cheap, which you might find on sites like eBay, are often of very poor quality. 

If you get a dirt-cheap lift kit, you might end up regretting it after a while. You may find the lift kit breaking down or becoming loose. It can be a safety hazard. It is best not to cut corners when it comes to lift kits, especially if you will buy a lift kit that will alter your vehicle’s suspension, which will probably void your warranty. 

If you have any accidents that cause damage, the warranty might not be valid as the manufacturer can claim it was due to your aftermarket modifications. 

If you buy a dirt-cheap lift kit, you might find that the ride quality is not great. Instead of smooth driving, you may feel bumps along the way. You might feel vibrations or an overall rough ride. 

However, Daystar lift kits, although they are cheap, are still of good quality. They don’t last long as some of the more famous brands, but they also last for a decent amount of time. Dirt cheap lift kits might not last for more than a few months! You may end up spending more money on buying new lift kits all the time if you sacrifice quality in exchange for price. 

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If you are on a budget but still want a lift kit that is kind of decent, consider getting a Daystar lift kit. 

You Have One of the Supported Models

As mentioned, not all models will have a lift kit sold by Daystar that is suited for them. That is why, if you are considering buying a Daystar lift kit, it is important to check that they have a lift kit for your model. Each model is different, and a lift kit made for a different model with different specifications might not fit on your truck. 

The best type of vehicle for a Daystar lift kit is a Jeep Wrangler JL or a Jeep Gladiator JT. Daystar has several kinds of lift kits for each of them. However, Daystar also has lift kits for Toyota and Dodge vehicles, with several choices for each of those. The same goes for RAM, Chevrolet, and Ford. 

If you own a Kia, Nissan, or a Subaru, you may still be able to find a Daystar lift kit that you can use. However, your options will already be more limited. 

It is important to note that just because Daystar has a lift kit for your model, it does not mean you will find it in stock. We would recommend going to the website and using the search filters to find the kind of lift kit you are looking for, for your specific model. You can also use the toolbar at the top of the page to see if there is a lift kit available for your make and model. 

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Of course, you can also go to Amazon and see if there is any availability over there. Amazon often has more availability, as many more sellers, including private sellers, sell lift kits. However, availability on Amazon can vary as well. 

They Are Made in America

A lot of lift kits are made in other countries. If you want to support a product that is made in America, consider getting a Daystar lift kit. It is an American company, and you will be supporting the local economy by purchasing one of their products. 

You Don’t Have a Lot of Expertise

If there is one thing you can say about Daystar, their lift kits, and leveling kits are easy to install. You will find that many lift kits are pretty difficult to install without having some experience working on trucks. However, Daystar lift kits are not too complex. Many of them don’t require any welding or cutting. If you do not have a lot of experience but would like to install a lift kit yourself, consider getting a Daystar lift kit. 

Why Should I Avoid Getting a Daystar Lift Kit? 

On the other hand, as we already mentioned, Daystar lift kits are not for everyone. Here are some reasons you might not want to get a Daystar lift kit. 

It Is Too Expensive for Your Budget

If you are counting pennies, there are cheaper options out there, especially for suspension lift kits. For the cheapest option out there, you can always find something on eBay. However, keep in mind that cheaper lift kits might not be as good. They can be seriously lacking in quality, and you may find the driving experience rather poor. You may have to replace it after only a few months; it can get worn out quickly. 

It Is Not Good Enough

Simultaneously, if you are looking for the best of the best, there are better options out there. They are more expensive, as some suspension lift kits can cost well over a thousand dollars. However, those lift kits will last you the longest and give you the best ride quality. So, if money is not an issue for you and you only want the best, consider getting a more expensive lift kit. 

Your Model Is Not Supported

Daystar lift kits are affordable and good. However, if you own a model or make that is not supported, you will have to look elsewhere. Daystar lift kits don’t cover every single make and model out there. 

What People Say About Daystar Lift Kits

Most reviews on the web are fairly positive. Of course, you are going to have mixed reviews about any product online. In this Youtube video, they claim that Daystar was one of the first to jump into the leveling market back in 1995, which means they have been around for two and a half decades, which points to their reliability. They also claim that Daystar provides a lifetime of great off-roading:

This Youtuber claims that Daystar leveling kits are easier to install than most other leveling kits and still provide great quality:

Also, Daystar lift kits have great reviews on various third-party websites, including Amazon. You can conduct a quick Google search if you would like to see more Daystar reviews, or you can simply search for them on Amazon. 

Where to Buy Daystar Lift Kits

One place to buy Daystar lift kits is on their website. However, a better place might be Amazon. On Amazon, you will often find more choices and competitive prices. Here are some Daystar lift kits you can buy on Amazon – and they all have great reviews!

Another reason you should buy on Amazon is that you will see Amazon reviews left by other buyers. 


Daystar lift kits provide a great price-quality ratio. They are cheap, but not too cheap, and they do last a long time. They have amazing reviews on Amazon – all of their products have good reviews, so you know you can rely on them and that they won’t fail you after just a few months. 



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