Are Fabtech Lift Kits Any Good? Full Review

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For anyone planning to crush it on the trails, a good suspension is essential, but what makes a good suspension, and how do you know the one you pick is up for the job? Fabtech lift kits are among the leading brands in off-road suspensions and claim to provide your ride with extra height, additional ground control, and a dominating stance. But are they any good?

Fabtech lift kits are great for providing your ride with a towering stance. They add an extra 8″ (20.3 cm) of clearance and allow for thrilling off-road adventures. The high-quality kits boast great design, durability, and integrate into any truck model without compromising performance.

This article will look at why you might need a lift kit, what to consider before buying one, and why you may want to purchase from Fabtech. You will also discover the following about these unique lift kits:

  • Their advantages and disadvantages
  • How they compare to other lift kits 
  • The dos and don’ts after installing a Fabtech lift kit
Photo Credit – fabtech_motorsports

Why You Need a Lift Kit

A lift kit is a suspension part that helps increase your vehicle’s ground clearance, i.e., the space between the vehicle’s frame and the ground. This aftermarket modification is available in different shapes and sizes and can lift your vehicle from 2-8″ (5.1-20.3cm) or even 10″ (25.4 cm) higher. You can use the lift kit to replace both front and rear suspension components.

Lift kits are also known as suspension systems. They comprise new springs, control arms, shocks, and other parts crucial to maintaining the desired height. In most cases, new driveshafts are necessary, and you may also need to bend brake lines. Also, fixing larger tires may necessitate aftermarket wheels with increased offset—the distance from the wheel to the hub. 

If you decide to run extra-large wheels and tires, for instance, 37″ (94cm) tires on 20″ (51 cm) wheels, you will need a lift kit. The lift kit will clear the rubber and allow your vehicle to ride and handle well. 

Additionally, newer trucks sport low-to-the-ground features such as bumpers and exhaust that get damaged by rocks and debris on rough roads. The undercarriage could also suffer heavy damage if it drags over rocks or fallen trees. A lift kit enables your vehicle to pass safely over ravines and craggy terrain, thus preventing these body parts from getting mangled. 

Lastly, lift kits are super useful for off-road driving. This is because larger tires and better ground clearance come in very handy when driving through rocks, deep mud, or snow. 

What to Consider When Buying a Lift Kit

Given that there are so many different types of lift kits available, it can be confusing to know which type to go for. Again, lift kits are not a one-type-fits-all affair as not every lift kit will fit or get the job done to your satisfaction. Therefore, it’s useful to have a guideline on what to consider when making a buying decision. 

Below are the most important things to have in mind.

  • Your type of vehicle
  • Your vehicle’s factory suspension specifications
  • What you will use the vehicle for
  • Your preferred tire size
  • Your budget

Next, let’s look at why owning a Fabtech lift kit makes good sense. 

Why You Should Consider Buying Fabtech Lift Kits

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There are many reasons why you may want to consider buying Fabtech lift kits. The kits:

  • Hoist your truck 
  • Enable you to fit bigger tires
  • Offer you additional ground clearance 
  • Boost your drivability by dealing with handling issues
  • Absorb some of the vibrations caused by rough terrain, thus enhancing your safety and comfort 

In addition to the above reasons, the kits have many upsides. Below are some of the advantages you get from installing a Fabtech lift kit.

You Are Buying Quality Products From a Reputable Company

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Fabtech Suspension Company boasts 25 years of experience in building some of the best lift kits available. The firm uses state-of-the-art software plus the best engineering technology to create long-lasting, award-winning products that perform flawlessly. 

Simple but effective, Fabtech lift kits deliver additional clearance without sacrificing a factory-like ride.

They Are Well-Designed

As mentioned earlier, Fabtech is a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of off-road suspension. Produced in an in-house manufacturing facility, their cutting edge products are well-designed and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the needs of discerning off-road enthusiasts. 

Photo Credit – fabtech_motorsports

Multiple fitness checks ensure that Fabtech lift kits fit correctly during installation, offer you superior vehicle ride qualities, as well as many years of trouble-free service. This means that each lift kit is custom-designed and assembled to match the year, make, and model of your truck or SUV. 

Furthermore, the kits comprise components fabricated to exact specifications to allow for direct bolt-on stock system replacement.  

They Offer Outstanding Performance

Fabtech lift kits include all you need to lift your vehicle to a maximum height of 8″ (20.32 cm), depending on your ride. Many owners rave about how strong and durable the lift kits are since they can withstand constant abuse through challenging terrain. As such, you will have no issues dealing with off-road challenges such as mud, fallen trees, deep water, or rough roads.

That’s not all. Fitting larger tires boosts your vehicle’s off-road performance since they improve traction and stability when your vehicle moves through muddy, sandy, snowy, rocky, or rugged terrain. The ride quality also tends to be even better than stock. 

Again, plus-size tires and the additional clearance enable your vehicle to maneuver steep ascents or descents on off-road terrain with more ease.

Finally, lifting your vehicle’s body helps protect the undercarriage from scratches when you are crawling over rocky surfaces. It also helps preserve its undercoat and further enhances resistance to wear and tear brought about by rust or friction. 

You can buy the Fabtech FTS21039 Front Suspension Lift Kit on Amazon.

They Are Well Equipped for a Full Installation

For the best results, it’s essential to choose a lift kit designed as a complete system with all the parts and pieces needed for a full installation. You also need to ensure that the equipment is tested to ensure that the components work perfectly to deliver the desired results.

Fabtech lift kits come equipped with all the essential components you require to give your ride additional stature and have it deliver an optimized suspension performance. The company sports a complete line of lift kits for every truck model. Hence, you are sure to find one that suits your ride. 

These top-rated lift kits are regarded highly because of their carefully selected, superior-quality components. The kits contain parts like shocks, bushings, struts, coilovers, and sway bars. All these work together to ensure that the kit lifts your ride to the desired and most appropriate height. The components include the following main features: 

  • They all undergo rigorous in-house testing to rule out design flaws and ensure perfect fit and performance
  • Control arms, crossmembers, and brackets built from thick, high-grade steel for durability and a polished look
  • Tubular supports connect extended clearance crossmembers for extra rigidity and strength

If you are looking to push your ride to the limit, then a Fabtech lift kit is a must-have item. It will not only provide you with the maximum suspension you need for spectacular off-road driving but will also dramatically boost your ride’s performance. 

Note: Each Fabtech lift kit contains different parts combinations. Thus, installation times and methods will vary depending on your kit components and the type of vehicle. Also, it’s important to go through the installation instructions carefully before buying your kit to see the full part list and take note of any necessary welding or modifications.

They Are Quick to Install

Fabtech lift kits contain upgraded suspension components designed to replace your factory suspension. This makes installation a quick and straightforward process devoid of the need for drilling or modifying your vehicle. The average install time is 2+ hours.

Nevertheless, it’s essential to note that although Fabtech’s custom designs don’t require any cutting or welding, this might not be applicable to all situations. This is because, depending on your ride and kit, some welding or slight modifications to the exhaust or driveshaft may be necessary.

These complete kits will lift the front and rear of your truck. Most kits come in a variety of options—some with longer shocks—so you can choose what works for you. Apart from the easy installation, each lift kit comes designed for maximum longevity and drivability. 

Fabtech is all for having your lift kit installed by a professional at your dealer’s shop. This is because the lift kits modify your suspension thus may need tools you might not have in your garage. 

Last but not least, most Fabtech lift kits come with your preferred Fabtech Performance Shocks or Dirt Logic Shocks.

  • Fabtech Performance Shocks: These feature a 9-stage velocity valving system, which provides excellent dampening, spectacular off-road response, and sleek street performance.
  • Fabtech Dirt Logic Shocks: These high-end shocks boast a nickel-plated monotube body, lightweight piston rods, billet end caps, as well as nitrogen charging. They are adjustable and also sport optional reservoirs for lower operating temperatures and smoother response.

After the installation, ensure to have your vehicle aligned. Installing a lift kit could cause some imbalance in your vehicle, which can be offset by using wider tires. The tires lower the vehicle’s center of gravity, thereby improving the ride’s stability. However, for best results, ensure the vehicle gets adequately aligned as well.

They Come With Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fabtech lift kits are designed to offer you many years of trouble-free service both on and off-road. This means you get to save thousands of dollars on potential repairs. In addition, Fabtech’s qualifying suspensions come under a special five-year 60,000-mile Powertrain Warranty Program. 

The warranty covers all major powertrain components, giving you the peace of mind to drive in comfort, knowing your vehicle is covered in the event of a failure. Note that this lifetime warranty is only available for specific vehicles and suspension kits. These include Toyota, Chevy, Jeep, Dodge, Ford, and Nissan vehicles that are 5 years old or less and below 60,000 miles (96,560 km). 

Some important points to note about the warranty are as follows:

  • To activate the FIVE SIXTY Warranty, you need to install the Fabtech suspension within the initial 5 years or before reaching 60,000 miles (96,560 km).
  • The cover is valid only if you install a qualifying suspension as per Fabtech’s installation guidelines.
  • The warranty is not transferable to a new owner and applies to your vehicle only while it’s in your possession.
  • You can add non-suspension related accessories to your ride’s qualifying Fabtech suspension without voiding the warranty.

They Make Your Ride Look Stylish

Fabtech lift kits enable you to revamp your vehicle’s look, giving it a more aggressive stance and a stylish look. The upgraded look will earn you envious looks from your friends and admiring glances on the road. What’s more, lifting your vehicle also makes it appear larger. 

They Are Available at an Affordable Price

Depending on the kit you get and the type of vehicle you drive, the Fabtech lift kit ranges from $771 to $10,738. Given the high-quality product and unrivaled performance you receive, this lift kit is priced reasonably well. You can also take advantage of the regular deals and discount offers by dealers to buy your kit.

Another great thing about these lift kits is that they are available globally. Their fast and free shipping also means that you get to lift your ride before your next adventure. What’s not to like?

The Downsides of Fabtech Lift Kits

While Fabtech lift kits provide you with unparalleled performance, they have their drawbacks too. Below are some of them.

They Could Affect Your Fuel Economy

Large lift kits like Fabtech kits hamper fuel economy. A large lift causes more suspension parts to be out in the wind. It also means heavier and wider rims and tires whose additional weight and aerodynamic drag lead to a 20% drop from before. Nonetheless, for some owners, the extra fuel cost is well worth the style and utility occasioned by a lifted truck.

The Installation Could Be Difficult

Installing a Fabtech lift kit might be instantaneous for some owners, but it might not be that easy for you if you don’t have some mechanical skills. Some owners also noted that:

  • The lower control arm adapters fail to line up properly and have to be pushed into position.
  • The steering stops are too limiting. Hence, you need to measure your factory steering angle before disassembly in order to grind down the stops.
  • Some kits come without some key pieces essential for lifting your truck, such as shocks.

Dos and Don’ts After Installing Your Fabtech Lift Kit

What are the dos and don’ts after installing your lift kit?

  • Realign your tires because the lift causes a change in your vehicle’s original suspension settings, which could lead to quicker and uneven wear of the tire treads.
  • Get a steering correction since removing suspension components tends to affect a vehicle’s steering geometry.
  • Keep a set of street tires for swapping with your off-road ones when driving on the streets since off-road tires have a better grip and can wear out faster on regular streets.
  • Don’t neglect to take your ride for routine maintenance checks.
  • Don’t forget to check whether the front wheel bearings, ball joints, and u-joints need replacement before doing the alignment.

How Do Fabtech Lift Kits Compare With Other Kits?

Most of the manufacturing companies offering aftermarket parts offer similar products. Still, there are substantial differences with Fabtech lift kits’ product quality in engineering, the type of materials used, and lift kit components. Below are ways in which these kits differ from others in the market.

  • They use the latest technology. Fabtech uses modern technological equipment such as robotic welders, laser cutters, and machining centers when building each lift kit to ensure superior quality, strength, and durability.
  • They have a good reputation. Fabtech boasts an unmatched reputation in the design and manufacture of premium quality suspension lifts. The kits come with highly durable components, not to mention fine-tuned custom designs for both trucks and SUVs.
  • They provide an exact fit. Fabtech crafts your lift kit to suit your vehicle’s exact dimensions and tolerance for a perfect fit. This helps to provide reliable performance.
  • They come at an affordable price. Fabtech lift kits are available at much lower prices than most similar products offered by the competition. Still, the products are durable and of first-class quality. The kits also come at different price points to suit every need and include budget kits such as the FabTech 4″ Lift Kit

Final Thoughts

Lift kits are simple suspension upgrades that allow you to fit your vehicles with larger tires and have a better handle both on and off-road. If you are looking for some real off-road challenge, Fabtech lift kits are a sure bet. 

While the lift kits have their downsides like any other suspension system, overall, they come highly recommended. Their high-quality, durability, and functionality make the cost of buying and installation truly worthwhile.  

Shop around for the perfect Fabtech Lift kit for your ride, and you’ll be glad you chose these high performing lift kits. 


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