Best Overland Tents for Tacoma

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A Toyota Tacoma is one of the practical and functional trucks in the market. The best thing about this truck is that you can treat yourself to an adventure without worrying about it getting stuck. An overland tent is an excellent investment for days you want to go camping with friends and family.


The best overland tents for Tacoma are durable, have inbuilt air vents for ventilation. It can maximize interior space, fix and handle different weather conditions well, and fit within your budget.


Keep reading to learn more about what to look for when shopping for an overland tent for Tacoma, some of our best picks, and tips on handling them. 

Tuff Stuff Delta Overland Roof Top Tent

The Tuff Stuff Delta Overland Roof Top Tent is one of the most versatile and spacious rooftop tents for Tacoma. It fits well on a Tacoma with 38-inch crossbars. You can also use it on different trucks and SUVs. 


Its lightweight nature is due to the aluminum poles fitted in the tent. The Delta Overland rooftop tent has a waterproof material, which makes it perfect for stormy weather. The inclusion of air vents allows for proper airflow through the tent in the summer. Find the mesh protection around that protects against mosquitoes and other bugs. 


One impressive aspect is that the tent is simple to install and only requires two people to put it up in an hour or less. Its affordable price, coupled with its durable materials, makes this tent a must-have. The Tuff Stuff Delta Overland Tent weighs close to 130 pounds, making it lighter than other tents in the market. 


You’ll love how the tent unfolds off of the rear or side of the vehicle. The bungee cord system assists with closing without catching the tent material. The manufacturer includes a high-density foam mattress with a removable cover to ensure you are comfortable. 


  • Versatile to fit most vehicles
  • Quality construction to guarantee durability
  • Has awning over the ladder
  • The aluminum design makes it lightweight
  • Comes with an annex at no extra cost
  • Simple to set up
  • Waterproof design
  • Excellent ventilation


  • Short ladder

Smittybilt Overlander Rooftop Tent

Are you looking for a heavy-duty rooftop tent for your Tacoma? You should check out the Smittybilt Overlander Tent. Although most rooftop tents are meant for overriding use, the Smittybilt tent outdoes itself with its durable construction and ample space to accommodate four people. 


As an adventure lover, the Smittybilt Rooftop Tent is designed with you in mind as it features a quality ripstop exterior to protect against external elements, while the aluminum alloy frame is included to ensure that it can withstand any conditions.


With a 700-pound capacity, the tent can hold up to four people. The tent installation is simple and doesn’t take lots of time as the mounting system is included with the package. 


What makes the Overlander Rooftop tent different from the rest on this list is the 2.3-inch high-density matter for comfortable sitting/sleeping area, a covered entryway, a mosquito screen, LED strip lighting, and a waterproof exterior that doesn’t require a rain fly. 


Furthermore, its reasonable price makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into the overloading lifestyle. You can easily mount this tent on different racks, and it’s a fantastic choice for cars with limited weight capacity like the Tacoma. 


The Smittybilt comes with an annex attachment that is sold separately. All you need is to attach it to the vehicle by a heavy-duty zipper. It makes a perfect addition for people looking for extra space while camping. The windows and doors provide ample air circulation. 


  • Can accommodate up to four people
  • Features a covered entryway
  • Includes a mosquito screen 


  • Heavy when packed

YAKIMA Skyrise 3 Rooftop Tent

Going for an overland adventure means being well prepared, especially for the uncertain weather and bugs The Yakima Skyrise 3 RooftopTent is an excellent overland tent to consider for your adventure. At 115 pounds, the rooftop tent is one of the lightweight tents in the market, something that makes a difference when you lift it onto the Tacoma bed truck. 


The tent is simple to install, as you’ll be done in a couple of minutes. It also comes with detailed instructions and all the tools you’ll need for installation. That makes the process easy, even for someone with little mechanical experience. Yakima also provides an instructional video should you be stuck. 


Find a mold-resistant foam mattress that comes with a washable cover for times when you’d like to rest or sleep comfortably. Its ripstop nylon exterior and aluminum frame with PVC base makes this tent long-lasting. 


Although the nylon material isn’t waterproof, the Yakima rooftop tent comes with a ripstop nylon rain fly that is PU coated to make it waterproof. It comes with a durable cover that protects the tent after you’ve folded it onto your car’s roof. 


The Yakima Skyrise 3 Rooftop tent relies on zippers on every corner, velcro strips around the edges, and snaps straps to tighten and secure the cover. Its reasonable price also makes it ideal for anyone looking for a tent on a budget. 


  • Waterproof thanks to the rain fly
  • Easy to set up
  • Affordable price
  • Perfect for overland adventures
  • Durable and lightweight construction
  • Well ventilated


  • Issues with fitting the ladder

Tepui Tents Kukenam Ruggedized Sky 3

The Tepui Tents Kukenam Ruggedized Sky 3 is one of the heavy-duty rooftop tents in the market with dual-stitched cotton or polyester fabric. Although it’s wrapped aluminum poles make this tent heavier than other rooftop tents, it adds to its durability. 


You don’t have to worry about winds or stormy weather as the tent is made from 420D polyester ripstop material with taped seams and a PU coating. That makes it excellent for all-season camping. 


The three-person tent provides different configurations to suit the weather conditions at your campsite. Find the two inbuilt screened sky panels that offer an excellent view when you unattached the rain fly.


You’ll love the fully wrapped heavy duty internal frame and the three-bolt hinges and welded aluminum construction that adds to the durability. Other fantastic features include bedding straps, gear anchor points, and huge internal pockets. 


On the downside, some people found the foam mattress very firm and difficult to sleep in. Its weight is also a limiting factor as you’ll need more manpower to lift and mount it. 


  • Easy and quick to set up
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Comes with an inbuilt foam mattress
  • Ventilation
  • Simple to clean
  • Fits most roof racks
  • Ideal for year-round use


  • Can be challenging to remove due to its bulky nature
  • Little room for big families
  • Expensive
  • May need extra purchases to mount properly
  • Negatively affects vehicle handling

Front Runner Feather-Lite Roof Top Tent

The Front Runner Feather-Lite Roof Top Tent isn’t your ordinary rooftop tent as it’s designed to improve fuel efficiency, make storage a breeze, and reduce wind resistance. It features a slim design, sitting at seven inches tall when packed. 


Also, it only weighs 93 pounds, making it simple for two people to install without any hassle. You can easily stow it away due to its compact size. It’s been crafted to withstand wind, rain, and heat. Its PVC coated poly-cotton makes the tent breathable and mold-resistant. 


The tent can accommodate up to two adults. It also has storage space for your blankets and bedding. Enjoy a homely experience with the privacy panels on the doors and windows. You can also take the windows down to enable mosquito netting. 


Its material is water-resistant to ensure that you can still enjoy camping even when it’s rainy or snowy. The insulated aluminum base creates a barrier to help you stay warm even when the outside is cold. Front Runner also equips the roof with ample ventilation for clean airflow. Find a comfortable foam mattress that is enough for two people. 


  • Light to mount and pack
  • Comes with a durable aluminum frame base
  • Has a comfortable mattress
  • UV-resistant and waterproof
  • Heavy-duty and durable PVC nylon


  • Doesn’t have an annex

Bigfoot Tents Explorer Series

The Bigfoot Tents Explorer Series Rooftop Tent is a budget-friendly rooftop vent that is effective and sturdy. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t want a messy setup involving pegs and poles. 


It features a streamlined yet sleek design that allows it to fit on any vehicle. When packed down, it stands at 1.3 ft, something that makes it simple to set up and store away. You can use this rooftop tent with most roof racks from companies like Yakima and Thule.


The Bigfoot Tents Explorer Series boasts of a quality waterproof and UV resistant polyester material. That means you can use it in all weather conditions without any worries. Other features include a collapsible telescopic ladder, an interior light, and a cotton mattress. On the downside, some users experienced tension on the connector when set up. Too much stress on the connector can break it.


  • Simple and quick to set up
  • Lightweight at only 4.6 pounds (2.1 kg)
  • Fits most roof racks
  • Streamlined and compact design
  • Ripstop fabric for durability
  • Comes with a reading light
  • Ideal for overnight trekking and camping adventures
  • UV-resistant and waterproof polyester


  • Expensive 

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

Are you looking for a budget-friendly rooftop tent for your Tacoma? You should check out the Napier Backroadz Truck Tent. The rooftop tent provides enough space for two to rest comfortably, and you can also bring your gear along. 


Apart from being simple to install, the tent also comes with four windows that provide enough airflow. When going out to camp during the rainy season, one of the main concerns is dealing with a leaky roof. However, the Napier Backroadz Truck Tent is designed to provide full coverage that will protect you against the rainy weather. 


Another fantastic aspect is the reasonable price tag that makes it affordable for anyone looking for a rooftop tent without spending a fortune. Its 5.5ft of headroom allows you to stand up comfortably. You’ll love the color-coded tent poles that make it simple to pitch. It doesn’t require a group of people, as two are enough to assemble the tent. 


Its versatile nature means you can move it into the truck bed or mount it on the ground, depending on your preferences. The manufacturer includes a rain fly to protect you against snow or rain. Enjoy extra space by extending the entryway to the end of the lowered tailgate. this space comes in handy for that extra pair of shoes, gear, and other luggage. 


On the downside, the Napier Backroadz Truck Tent foist has an extended awning that could protect against harsh weather. 


  • Comes with color-coded poles for easy pitching
  • Reasonably priced
  • Works with most truck bed lengths
  • Has an extended entryway


  • Lacks an extended awning

Tepui Hybox Hard-Sided Tent

The Tepui Hybox Hard-Sided Tent isn’t your ordinary type of roof tent. Apart from being spacious, the tent provides functionality that comes in handy when you are out camping. You can use the tent as a cargo box and as a rooftop tent thanks to its 23 cubic feet of storage space. 


You no longer have to overload stuff on the Tacoma’s ceiling while going out for your adventures. The cargo box converts back to a rooftop tent. The canopy included tips to create a comfortable and spacious sleeping area. You won’t have to worry about your vehicle guzzling gas as the tent has an aerodynamic design. 


The rooftop tent also comes with a three-inch foam mattress and a removable cotton cover. It’s quilted upper helps with sound dampening and insulation. You’ll love the thermoplastic polymer on the hardshell exterior that adds durability to the tent. There is an aluminum substructure that adds to the durability aspect. 


Unfortunately, you can not use both the cargo box function and the rooftop tent at the same time. That’s because where you store the gear also acts as the sleeping area. You’ll need to remove the gear to create a comfortable sleeping space. Furthermore, the Tepui Hybox rooftop tent isn’t cheap. The only advantage is that it provides versatility, unlike other tents in the market.


  • Versatile
  • Durable construction
  • Hardtop design for enhanced aerodynamics
  • Foam mattress for comfort


  • Has space enough for two people
  • Can’t work as a cargo box and rooftop tent at the same time
  • Expensive

Freespirit Recreation High Country

If you have a big family with more than three people, you should check out the Freespirit Recreation’s High Country Rooftop Tent. It’s spacious enough to accommodate a family, without anyone feeling cramped. 


The rooftop tent measures 80″ x 98″. It’s 49 inches tall and can hold up to 700 pounds. One of the best features is the 2.5-inch high-density foam mattress that is placed to ensure you are comfortable. There are gear hangers and storage pockets that enable easier organization. 


You don’t have to worry about the tent getting damaged after a couple of months as it’s a body made from durable aluminum alloy frames and 600D poly-oxford body fabric to withstand different weather. 


The manufacturer goes ahead to add an aerodynamic aspect to the tent, something that allows it to work well even when there’s heavy rain or high winds. Find windows on all the four sides to help reduce condensation and provide proper ventilation. The front and rear cinches on the cover, when packed, give the tent a sturdy shape. 


On the downside, the Freespirit Recreation tent is expensive and may not be suitable for anyone on a budget. It’s also bulky and may require more than two people to set it up.


  • Perfect for big families
  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Has windows for ventilations
  • A huge awning that covers the entryway


  • Expensive
  • Heavy at 170 pounds

Advantages of Overland Tents

Classic overland tents are popular among campers and those who go for off-road adventures. Some of their advantages include:


  • They are simple to set up. You don’t need to struggle with tent straps, poles, or pegs. The tent comes with a mattress inside, and you can also place your sleeping bag inside. The tent is also placed off the ground, which means not having to deal with bugs or muddy environments. The setup means you won’t be rolling over rocks, holes, or uneven sections of the ground at night. 
  • Proper airflow. Overland tents have proper airflow compared to other types of tents. These tents have openings that optimize airflow, ensuring that you are comfortable while sleeping. 
  • Waterproof and water-resistant. Quality overland tents are water-resistant and waterproof. That means you can sleep comfortably during rainy nights without worrying about water leaks.
  • Fun. Overland tents are fun to sleep in as they resemble tree houses. They provide an excellent place to enjoy the view while camping. 

Disadvantages of Overland Tents

Some of the drawbacks of overland tents include:


  • The set up means you can’t drive the vehicle. You can’t drive your Tacoma once you set up the tent. That can be limiting if you are driving your car around daily. This setup only works when you are at one spot for a while. The other option would be to top a trailer with a tent and drive your vehicle during the day. 
  • Heavy. Overland tents are cumbersome and heavy to move around compared to a ground tent. Most of them weigh between 120 pounds to over 200 pounds. However, ground tents are lighter. Having this weight on your vehicle means dealing with reduced fuel mileage and increased sway. 
  • Cost. Overland tents are more costly than regular ground tents.

Buying Guide

Choosing the best overland tent for Tacoma can be overwhelming, given the several options available. Fortunately, we’ve done the research on your behalf on what to look for in a rooftop tent. Here are some tips on what to consider when shopping.

Determine the Type of Roof Top Tent You Need

There are various rooftop tents available in the market, and they come with different mounting options. A few tents can be mounted over the bed or on your roof. Nonetheless, you need a particular roof rack or mount to attach the base of the tent. Some manufacturers provide these mounts, while others provide mounting options that work with other racks. 


Common tents form a single-sized room with one entry and a few windows. They pop straight up to form a rectangular shape, or they can pivot up on one side to form a wedge. Other bigger models have a large surface area that hangs over the side of the truck. These types of tents are simple to assemble as they take less than five minutes.  

Consider Your Vehicle Payload Capacity

It’s essential to understand your car’s payload capacity before buying a rooftop tent. Never assume that any truck with a roof rack will handle a tent. Remember that when you mount the tent on top of your truck, that increases the center of gravity. You’ll need to be careful when making sharp. 

Determine the Tent’s Durability Levels

While most rooftop tents are designed to be sturdy, a few brands have rugged models that can withstand any climate, whether sunny or rainy. Some manufacturers also include all-mesh canopies. Getting a hardtop tent keeps everything protected, unlike fabric models. 


Nylon is the most preferred option due to its breathable qualities and lightweight nature. Most manufacturers opt for ripstop nylon as it is durable and sturdy than regular nylon. Check to see if the tent’s ladder and its frame are made from quality material like aluminum. 

Size of the Tent

Although most overland tents for Tacoma are designed to accommodate two people, some tents can accommodate up to five people. However, those with extra space tend to be costly than regular ones. Remember to choose a tent that accommodates you and still leaves enough room for movement. 

Ensure the Tent Has Proper Ventilation

The right tent should have multiple vents or doors and windows to allow for proper airflow. Rooftop tents can get hot during summer nights, but having ventilation makes them comfortable and breathable to be in. 

Check the Racks

Knowing the payload capacity is not only critical for your vehicle, but also for the rack system you plan on purchasing. While the manual lists the capacity for the car’s crossbars and roof rails, it’s essential to consider the rooftop tent’s weight and the people sleeping inside the tent.


When considering a rooftop tent, also check to see the type of racks they offer. Read the owner’s manual to determine if the rack works with a rooftop tent. Some manufacturers tailor their racks for their tents, but some are versatile and can be used with other tent brands. A few rack manufacturers also ensure that their racks work with other rack systems, roof baskets, and cargo carriers. 

Ease of Set Up

Getting the tent is one thing, mounting it is another. The best thing is that most tents are designed to be simple to assemble and disassemble. Moreover, most manufacturers provide tutorials through manuals and installation videos on their websites. A few are willing to install the tent for free based on your location. 

Consider the Size of the Tent

You need to determine the size of the tent you want, depending on your vehicle’s size. F you are planning on going for a solo trip, a small tent will work fine. However, if you have a large group, you may need to get a bigger size tent. 


Although a rooftop tent provides a flat surface for you to rest on, it’s comfort level is for you to decide. A few tents have inbuilt mattresses and bedding, but a few may need an upgrade. You can opt to have an extending annex if you want privacy or add some lighting attachments. Some companies also add a shower option if you have space for a water tank.

Functionality and Design

While functionality is essential when choosing a roof tent, you may also need to consider its design and style. Some brands have unique tents that have a front wind deflector to reduce wind noise. A few have modular crossbar setup that allows you to create a flat mounting point for the gear you are carrying. 


Rooftop tents come in different designs and features. They also vary in price. It’s essential to find a tent that has the features you need without overspending. Opt for brands that have a good reputation and watch out for things like the type of fabric, weight, construction, among others, to ensure you get value for your money. 


Overland tents offer a unique camping experience while you are outdoors. The fact that you get extra comfort and protection of sleeping off the ground makes the experience worthwhile. The tents listed above are some of the best overland tents for Tacoma. Ensure that you go through our detailed guide on what to consider while choosing a rooftop tent. 


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