Can You Put All-Terrain Tires on a 2WD Truck?

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All-terrain tires are ideal for their traction on all kinds of surfaces, both on and off-road. These tires are all-purpose and perfect for people who drive on highways, paved surfaces, and off-road.

You can put all-terrain tires on a 2WD truck. You might think that the all-terrain tires are only perfect for 4WD vehicles, but they can make a great difference in your 2WD truck. Tires matter so much that a quality set of all-terrain tires on a 2WD can outperform a bad set of tires on a 4WD.

Read on to know what all-terrain tires are, their features, and why they would be ideal on your 2WD truck.

What Are All-Terrain Tires?

If you are a driver who likes to take the road less traveled, all-terrain tires on your 2WD would be a perfect choice. With a good set of these tires, your truck can make its way through snow, mud, and gravel comfortably. If you plan to go on an adventure but are not sure if your truck is ready for the adventure, you might consider changing its tires.

All-terrain tires abbreviated as A/T tires have a superior design that enables them to perform perfectly on and off-road. They provide comfort and traction in dry, wet, and lightly snowing conditions, unlike the regular tires. They provide a perfect balance between mud and highway tires, providing an excellent ride and exceptional traction on all road conditions, even on rocks!

A/T tires are not just perfect for a 4WD truck. Fitting all-terrain tires on your 2WD truck could significantly improve its performance due to the unique features the tires offer. AT tires are perfect for pickup trucks, light trucks, and SUVs. However, A/T tires for crossovers and sedans continue to emerge as vehicle manufacturers strive to equip trucks with off-road features.

The Features of All-Terrain Tires

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The type of tires you put on your vehicle depends on how you use that vehicle. Long gone are the days when we had trucks dedicated entirely to the highway. Currently, auto manufacturers are designing even light trucks to handle the roughness of off-road driving. However, equipping a 2WD truck with off-road features would be useless without the right all-terrain tires.

The secret of the A/T tires is in their dual-purpose nature. The tires are designed to work perfectly on both dirt and asphalt roads. The tires will help you transition from one terrain to another even if they are noisy and not suitable for aggressive off-roading. Several engineering elements make the all-terrain tires unique and high-performing:

The Trend Design

The tread design is one of the most visible features of the all-terrain tires and is also one of the features that make the tires offer perfect traction on and off the road. Conventional highway tires feature tight gaps between their tread blocks and have limited depth. This tread design on-highway tire results in a smooth and quiet ride on the highway, but it is not ideal for off-road driving.

If your truck has highway terrain and you drive on rough places, rocks, dirt, snow, and mud may get stuck on the tread blocks and render the tires useless in terms of traction. The deeper spaces between the tread blocks of A/T tires allow debris and dirt to enter and exit without affecting your vehicle’s performance.

Even when you drive in harsh conditions, the tread blocks of the A/T tires will flex and grip the loose terrain and propel your truck forward. The tires come with sturdy construction, and this makes them less susceptible to tearing. The tires have numerous interlocking tread elements, which provide a perfect grip on paved roads and muddy off-road conditions.

Towing Capabilities

If you often find yourself towing your RV or your boat to outdoor destinations, you should consider fitting your 2WD with all-terrain tires to improve its performance. While towing on all-terrain tires, you will enjoy the transition between the smooth highway conditions to the rough road surfaces while fully loaded.

Sidewall Strength

The sidewall strength of tires matters a lot despite being one of the most overlooked tire components. A tire’s sidewall plays a crucial role in keeping the tire in shape even under uneven terrain and heavy loads. Sidewall strength protects a tire from sharp edges or sticks that could cause tire punctures. Compared to A/T tires, highway tires have thin sidewalls.

The all-terrain tires come complete with stronger and thicker sidewalls designed to flex over foreign objects and provide the tire from hazards of driving in rough road conditions. You do not have to worry about getting a random stick on your sidewall, especially when driving at high speed. 


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The size of tires that you fit in your truck makes all the difference in its appearance and performance; one of the essential factors you should consider when fitting tires on a vehicle is sizing. The right tire size will fill your wheel wells perfectly and give your truck an appealing look. The wheel sizing could be the difference between driving over an obstacle and getting stuck. 

In terms of sizing, highway tires lose against the A/T tires. All-terrain tires come in all sizes and designs. Once you fit the perfect A/T tires on your 2WD truck, your truck will be ready to tackle anything it encounters. With a wide range of wheel sizes, it is easy for any driver to find the perfect all-terrain tire for their vehicle.  

Why All-Terrain Tires Are Ideal for Your Truck

If you want maximum comfort while driving on the highway and peace while driving in rough and muddy places, you should consider getting A/T tires for your 2WD truck. Perhaps you are torn between the benefits of off-the-road mud tires and the comfort of highway tires. All-terrain tires will satisfy you both ways. Even in the toughest of conditions, A/T tires will provide an extra measure of grip.

Here is a video about the differences between all-terrain, winter rated, and winter tires:

If you often use your 2WD truck to drive to work on weekdays and use it for exploration or going camping on weekends, all-terrain tires would be ideal for your truck. The dual-purpose performance of all-terrain roads makes them an excellent option for your 2WD truck if you have an active lifestyle. A/T tires have an edge on dirt, snow, sand, and gravel nuts, still perform optimally on the highway.

The Lifespan of All-Terrain Tires

A common misconception is that all-terrain tires do not last long but wear off faster than highway tires. However, this is not true because how long your A/T tires last will depend on how the tires are engineered. The durability of your A/T tires will also depend on your commitment to maintaining them. With regular tire rotations, proper inflation, and balance, all-terrain tires will serve you for a long time.

All-Terrain Tires and Noise

All-terrain tires do not have to be noisy on the road. Modern A/T tires have noise-canceling treads, and this helps to provide a quiet and smooth ride. The computer-engineered tread design helps to reduce noise while you travel on the highway without compromising off-road traction. This is the reason why A/T tires are popular with off-road enthusiasts.

Final Thoughts

Before getting some new tires for your truck, you should consider the type of use you will put your truck into. You should note that not all all-terrain tires are the same. Some tires have superior features than others. With the right A/T tires, you can always take the beaten path whenever you desire. You will enjoy the comfort and the reliability you deserve.



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