Cleaning the car with Kitten Glo Wash

Muddy PB ChallengerI love coincidence. Especially when it goes in my favour. And the other day I got lucky. Not ‘save the world’ lucky, but lucky all the same. We’d been out on a great trip down near Margaret River and our car was muddy. Not “Where are the windscreens?’ muddy, but muddy all the same. And so, of course, I needed to wash the car. So I put the car out on the grass, got the bucket, pulled out the hose and went to get the car wash, only to find that the lid had cracked and all the shampoo had leaked out all over the garage floor. Argh!!!

As I was cleaning the garage floor, which is now sparkly clean thanks for asking, the postie arrived with a little package for me. When I opened it up, it was a 250ml sample bottle of Kitten Glo Wash with a nice message asking if I’d like to give it a go and then perhaps write up a review for my website. Well Ok then! Given that I had nothing else to wash the car with I thought I’d give it a crack.

Kitten Glo Wash

Reading the instructions, it says ‘Pour a sufficient amount of Kitten Glo Wash into a bucket’.

‘What is a sufficient amount?’ I thought. And then took a punt at ooohhhhh about… that much.


Then I squirted water into the bucket to get that nice bubble going. Being a cool and overcast day, I wasn’t overly concerned about the car drying out too much, but the instructions say to wash in sections so that’s what I did.

While I was washing I was trying to objectively compare my previous product (the one that cleans garage floors brilliantly) with Kitten Glo Wash… And you know what? I honestly think that the Kitten Glo Wash product was superior. I know that’s a very subjective statement. I have no scientific analysis or statistical measure to back that up, but I reckon it did a better job.

Did it get my car cleaner? Well probably not because a clean car is a clean car, right?

Did it restore my car to showroom finish? Well no. it’s not magic after all… To do that you’d have to polish out all the scratches and fix up all the broken bits. And anyway, they don’t promise to restore it to showroom finish, but if you were a bit more careful with your car than I am then it would maintain the look of it it nicely, I have no doubt!

Muddy PB Challenger

Was is easier to get all that mud off? Did it get the bug spatters off better? Was I able to get my car as clean as I wanted it in a shorter time with less elbow grease? You know what? I reckon so.

Would I try Kitten Glo Wash again? Well yes I would. Mainly because I didn’t use the whole 250ml yet so I’ll use it next time I clean my car. But more importantly, I’ll be buying it again once this bottle is gone.

Muddy PB Challenger

Would I recommend that you go out and buy some? Sure! If you’ve run out of your car wash and you’re looking to give another product a shot then yes. Definitely give Kitten Glo Wash a go.

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