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Kurrajong got its name from the Aboriginal name of the endemic trees that used to grow in abundance in the area. It is a small town located 75 kilometres northwest of Sydney, NSW. It is nestled between the lower slopes of the majestic Blue Mountains and the idyllic Hawkesbury River. So, aside from the fact that it is quite near to the city, the trip would be worth it because of the scenic views offered by the town.

The quaint town naturally is a popular tourist destination for both foreigners and locals from nearby areas. The main draws of Kurrajong are the peaceful atmosphere, attractive natural features, restaurants that offer delicious meals, laid back hotels, and challenging 4WD tracks. These factors should make the town your next destination.

Here are all the things that you should know about Kurrajong…

How Do I Get There?

If you are from Sydney, the M1 will take you to Kurrajong in just over one hour. Take the M1 to reach M2 and M7 to Colebee where you should head to the Richmond Road exit. From Richmond Rd, head straight to the roundabout where the first exit will take you to Blacktown Road. Drive straight until you reach Lennox Street and turn right onto Bosworth Street. After 170 metres, turn left onto B59 and turn left to Old Bells Line of Road after 9.3 km. From there, it will only take you a few minutes to reach the town centre by taking the Kurrajong Road.

What Are the Things That I Can Do in Kurrajong?

Honestly, there is a lot that you can do and it can satisfy all kinds of people. You can visit different establishments like housewares, antique shops, and gift shops. If you are hungry, there are a number of cafés and restaurants that offer scrumptious meals and some of them even have scenic views of the Cumberland Plain and the city. 

You can also take a break or have a picnic in Memorial Park. Aside from that, you can also visit local art galleries and the Kurrajong Radio Museum. The museum houses every radio equipment that was invented from antiquated radio gear used during the war to the modern radios that we use now. Most of the displays are still working so it will offer something enjoyable for visitors.

Are There Historical Sites That I Should Visit in Kurrajong?

Just a short drive away from Kurrajong, you will reach the towns of Richmond and Windsor that are rich in history. These towns host many colonial buildings that date back from the early 1800s. These buildings are not scattered all throughout the town instead they are located in historic precincts, like in Windsor. This means that you will really feel that you have travelled back in time. There is also a local museum that you can visit in Windsor if you want to know more about its rich history. 

You should also visit other towns like Pitt Town, Wilberforce, and Ebenezer if you want to see more historical sites. The town of Ebenezer is home to the oldest functioning church in Australia. You can also visit the Tizzana Winery in the same town.

Where Can I Stay in Kurrajong?

These are the best hotels in and around Kurrajong:

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    Blueberry Hills on Comleroy: The hotel offers laid-back accommodation with views of the surrounding town and mountain ranges. You can also take a walk around the garden or the massive 14-acre property. You can also engage in other activities like picking blueberries from the orchard, having a picnic by the dam, feeding farm animals, and relaxing in the hotel’s cosy lounge room. Blueberry Hills also has amenities like free parking, free breakfast, free high-speed Wi-Fi connection, a spa, barbeque facilities, and bicycle rental.
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    Loxley on Bellbird Hill: The Loxley offers value, comfort, family-friendly environment, and convenience. It also has amenities designed for weary travellers that visit Kurrajong. The hotel rooms have air conditioning, free high-speed Wi-Fi connection, and baggage storage. The hotel also hosts a pool, a spa, and a lounge where you can relax. They also offer free parking for guests. There is also a restaurant located in a hotel called Bellsline Curries which makes the best Indian food in town. A hiking trail also originates from the hotel and it is perfect for those who are more energetic and want some thrill.
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    Hawkesbury Race Club Motel:  The motel is perfect for singles, couples, and families travelling to Kurrajong and surrounding areas. The hotel rooms are spacious and are equipped with air conditioning, a kitchenette, and a minibar. There is also a pool, restaurant, and golf course that you can visit when you check-in. The motel also offers free parking which will be more convenient for you.

Which Restaurants Are Worth A Try in Kurrajong?

These are the cafes and restaurants that you should visit while in Kurrajong:

  • Lochiel House: This is the best-rated restaurant in Kurrajong according to reviews by tourists on TripAdvisor. It offers delicious Australian food with Asian influences along with vegan and gluten-free options. It is also nice to know that their ingredients come from their own kitchen garden while others are sourced locally.
  • Kravings: The restaurant has won multiple awards and has received raving reviews on TripAdvisor. The restaurant is located in one of the oldest restaurant buildings in Hawkesbury. However, the vintage building contrasts with the contemporary food and décor of the restaurant. The restaurant offers Australian dishes with vegan and gluten-free options. In addition, the restaurant also offers liquors like wine, beer, spirits, and soft drinks. You will also see the views of the rolling hills of Kurmond while dining in Kravings.
  • The Village Kitchen: This café offers Australian dishes and incorporates vegan and gluten-free options on its menu. Most of the reviews on TripAdvisor praised their breakfast menu as it complements the view of the rising sun towards Sydney.
  • Feeding Frenze Café: This café is located right at Bells Line of Road which means that you can dine here just before or after you take the Kurrajong Discovery Trail. The café offers Australian cuisine along with vegetarian-friendly/vegan options and gluten-free meals. They serve breakfast, lunch, and brunch so you can come here at any time that you like. Most visitors praise the café’s menu as they serve very satisfying yet affordable meals. They also commend the service as the servers are very friendly and approachable. 

Where Can I Drive My 4WD In Kurrajong?

The Kurrajong Discovery Trail measures 81 km and can be completed after 2 hours. The track is composed of different road conditions like highways, narrow sealed roads, unsealed gravel roads, and 4WD trails that are quite challenging. The trail requires a 4WD vehicle to complete as some sections of the track cannot be traversed by most 2WD vehicles.

The track offers beautiful views of bushland circuit which passes through parts of the Blue Mountains National and Wollemi National Park. You can also bring your mountain bike as you can explore cycling trails that start from the track. However, the track can only be travelled during dry weather as some parts can be impassable after heavy rain.

The track starts just off Bells Line of Road which is also where most of the cafes and galleries are located. While driving, you will see the views of Hawkesbury by stopping by the Bellbird Lookout. From here, turn left at Kurrajong Heights onto Warks Road and drive through it till you reach Burralow Road where you should take a left again. A 4WD track will immediately greet you when you enter Blue Mountains National Park and it descends into the thick forests of Burralow Valley. When you reach the intersection, you can find a camping/picnic site when you turn right. The site is also where a walking track to a grotto that hosts thick ferns.

On the main track, you will cross Burralow Creek and leave the valley to enter Paterson Range which is located on the border of the Grose Wilderness (you can head back to Bells Line of Road from here). If you take Bilpin on the left and take a right onto the Mountain Lagoon Road, you will pass by a natural small lake where you can take a dip. You can also take another route to Sams Way to pass around the lagoon and turn onto T3 Trail which leads to T3 Lookout. This area has impressive views of the Colo River gore and the wilderness of Wollemi National Park. 

However, if you want to drive further Mountain Lagoon Road leads to a 4WD trail that measures 11.5 kilometres and ascends steeply to join Comleroy Road. Take a right and head down to Wheeny Creek where you can have a picnic or set up camp. The campsite is stunning as you will witness stunning Sydney blue gums and expansive grass flats. Going further into Comleroy Road will lead you back to where you started – Bells Line of Road in Kurrajong.

If you want more information about Kurrajong you can visit their website here.

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