Levuka 4WD Park | Guide and 4WD Review

Levuka’s off-road tracks can satisfy every 4WD enthusiast regardless of their level of experience. The 4WD park’s tracks also pass through numerous rocky gullies, sticky mudholes, steep hill climbs, and deep ruts. So, your proficiency in off-road driving will surely be put to test.

Credit: Levuka

The park is set in the Scenic Rim region of Queensland. The area is known for its majestic views of valleys and mountain ranges. Levuka is also found on the Rim’s southwestern edge where the scenery is unparalleled. 

Enough talk, here are all the things that you need to know about Levuka 4WD Park…

How Do I Get to Levuka 4WD Park?

From Brisbane CBD, head southeast to merge onto Albert St and turn left on Elizabeth St. When you reach the 1st cross street, turn right onto Edward St. Edward St will then lead you to Alice St and turn left to stay on that street. After 190 metres, merge onto M3 and take the exit 14 which leads to Logan Rd (after 12.4 km). Use the right lanes to turn to Logan Rd/State Route 95. From Logan Rd, use the right lanes to turn right onto Gateway Mwy/M2 which leads to Ipswich/Toowoomba.

After 350 metres, merge onto M2 and stay on the left lane to continue towards the National Route 13. Stay on the National Route 13 and after 41.4 kilometres, turn left to stay on the road. After 1.2 km, turn right again to stay on National Route 13. Continue on until you reach Summerland Way/B91 and Mount Lindesay Rd. From Mount Lindesay Rd, turn left onto Beaury Creek Rd after 6.4 kilometres. After 9 km, turn right onto Plantation Rd and continue onto Beaury Plantation Rd for 600 metres until you reach Levuka.

Why Should I Go to Levuka 4WD Park?

Levuka is ideal for families looking for their next camping destination where they can spend a few nights. Some of the park’s tracks are also accessible for both 2WD and 4WD vehicles which is a boon for city dwellers without off-road vehicles. Aside from 4WD tracks, there are also bike tracks for kids and adults alike to explore different areas in the park. 

Levuka is also dog-friendly so your four-legged family members can join in the fun too. However, you should apply precaution for ticks as the location is a working cattle farm. Tick protection should be applied before and after you leave the park just to be sure.

What Are The 4WD Tracks Like in Levuka?

When you arrive at the park, you are given a welcome pack which has a map detailing all of the tracks. Each track is rated and you have the choice to explore mud holes, rainforest tracks, rocky tracks, and hill climbs located all throughout the park. The welcome pack also has a warning that all the tracks’ level of difficulty will dramatically change once the rain comes pouring.

In Levuka, a central location within the park called The Playground where you can have a go and try its different track. However, the fun triples whenever a bit of rain falls to wet the tracks. You can either park on the side and watch or you could be the one driving through the mud and have other people cheering on you.

The tracks in Levuka are one-way which is nice considering that you won’t have to worry about oncoming traffic while driving. However, there is also no space to pull over. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Gully is the track for serious off-road drivers and it can potentially do some serious damage to your vehicle if you’re not careful. 

As a result, you should have a spotter to guide you while traversing the track as you don’t want to risk repairing your vehicle along this tiny track. It may be difficult but it makes the experience enjoyable with very tight left turns that will require you to do an almost impossible eight-point turn. This is also while you are trying to fit your vehicle between two trees on either side of the track. That’s not all though as you will have to climb a steep hill afterward. 

If you want to drive on another challenging track, Havoc’s Crossing is a monster, especially after rain. It might not look challenging at first sight but the steep decline after a very tight left turn and an equally steep incline makes it tough. This part is risky as you will have no space for a buildup at the bottom and throws the spanner at work. But if you have a winch or other recovery gear, you’ll have no problem tackling it.

Are There Other Things That I Can Do There?

While exploring the various tracks in Levuka, you can head to a small waterfall hidden within the rainforest. You can pull over on the side of the track and walk to it as you can see a trodden path that you can follow. Once you reach the waterfall, you will have a chance to get a scenic photo of the waterfall.

During peak days like school holidays and especially on Easter, you can get a chance to ride a helicopter. In addition, on the last night of Easter (which is usually a long weekend) the park launches a spectacular fireworks display. Setting up camp right on the entrance of the park enables you to have a front-row seat of the fireworks show. This alone can top off your weekend on a higher note.

Where Can I Set Up Camp in the Park?

Levuka 4WD Park has many well-maintained campsites with amenities to ensure your comfort after a tiring day of off-road driving. The campsites also have a hot shower but it gets crowded easily and you may have to line up along with everyone else. 

The park also has a low-density camping policy. Due to this policy, even on the busiest of weekends and holidays, you won’t have to camp with a million other visitors on the campsite. 

How Should I Prepare for A Trip to Levuka?

Here are some things you should prepare so that you can have a good trip at Levuka:

  • Plan two to three weeks ahead by listing all the things that you should purchase or prepare before heading to the park. After you’ve listed everything, take a second look and decide which ones are essential and which ones you can do without. 
  • Prepare the food before you head to the park. Chop all the meat, vegetables, and etc. then pack them in vacuum-sealed containers to preserve their freshness. You can also freeze them flat so that you can save space while storing them in the fridge. Place them standing up on their ends like books and maybe label them for easy identification.
  •  A fully stocked pantry box/pre-packaged meal kit is also a good way to relieve you of the stress of making space for essential supplies. By having the box already fully stocked, you will only need to top it up with perishable food items like garlic, onions, and potatoes. 
  • Keep non-perishable items and kitchen utensils like scrubbing brushes, dish washing liquid, and garbage bags among others into one big box (that is separated from food items). You should only bring the most essential kitchen utensils so that you can save more space.

Other Information About Levuka 4WD Park

  • FACILITIES: There are a number of well-maintained toilets and hot showers spread evenly throughout the park’s campsites.
  • TRACK ACCESSIBILITY: The park is accessible for all vehicles.
    • All track information especially grading is found on the map. However, the grading on most tracks changes after rain and some areas (behind the main house) are off-limits for all vehicles. You will also need permission to drive the tracks found near Rosemary’s Track. 

Related Questions

Are 4WD and 4×4 The Same Thing?

Yes. 4WD or 4×4 is generally used for larger vehicles like an SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle) that uses a driver-selectable system. It also mechanically enables you to drive all four wheels. The technology is normally used on SUVs that need the extra traction for off-road situations.

Can I Use 4WD in the Snow?

Since snow and ice reduce traction (you need to enable 4WD to start moving), stopping the vehicle safely can be difficult. To add to the problem, neither ABS nor 4WD can help you to stop the vehicle from moving. In addition, 4WD is not involved in the braking at all and ABS only keeps the tires from locking up.

Can I Use 4WD While Driving on the Highway?

Yes, you can also drive your vehicle in 4WD mode on a clear road. Using 4H will increase the traction of your vehicle so you can reach your destination safely (and at a reasonable speed). In addition, there’s no need to use 4L when driving on the highway. 

How Do I Enable 4WD?

Park your vehicle and set it to neutral. Put your foot on the brake and transfer the case stick-shift into 4×4 or 4H (depending on the model of your vehicle) position. For some vehicle that have push buttons to activate automatic locking hubs, press the 4×4 or 4H button to enable it.

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