Mitsubishi PB Challenger Rear Draws – Part 1

My Mitsubishi PB Challenger Rear Draws don’t exist yet. This is where my problem begins. Ever since I got my Mitsubishi PB Challenger and started getting out and about in it, I’ve wanted to install a set of rear draws in it. Unfortunately, it’s not turning out to be as simple as I would have liked.

Ok so here are the problems I have…

Firstly, the spare wheel winder. Curse you Mr Bishi!!! Why did you put the spare wheel winder right in the middle of the boot!!!! What were you thinking!!!!?!??! It’s bad enough that you have to empty the boot if you happen to get a puncture, but trying to build draws in that cater for this is hard!

Secondly, my cargo barrier. It is an immovable object and it has big bolts and brackets that sit on the floor of the boot making it not flat. It also slopes towards the back of the car so as you go up, you get less room.

And lastly, I have a big 78L ARB fridge. Fitting this in at floor level is OK, but as you raise it up, the cargo barrier pushes it backwards and makes it harder to fit in.

If I build the draws so that the fridge sits at floor level then everything fits. Except it’s hard to get a nice solid flat base with the cargo barrier bolts also in the floor. And then there is the spare wheel winder… Aaaaarrrrrr!!!

So I thought I’d leave an area under the whole thing. A false floor so to speak. If I built it at 270mm, it would mean that I could put the battery under the fridge… then I could reach underneath and get to the spare wheel winder. I also wouldn’t need a solid base at boot-floor level so don’t have to worry about the cargo barrier bolts… Except if I do this then the fridge needs to sit towards the back of the car a little more because of the cargo barrier slopes towards the back. And then the fridge no longer fits…
I think that I have two options… My first is to build the whole thing at boot floor level. Maybe raise it up a little so that it sits above the cargo barrier bolts. Then for the wheel winder, I would have two options.

  1. Leave a gap between the draws and the fridge and run an extended bolt all the way to the top of the whole draw system.
  2. Replace the wheel winch with a Triton style winch. I.e. one where the bolt is horizontal. I’d then need to punch holes in my rear bumper so that I could access the winding mechanism. Apparently, I’d also need to drop the spare wheel down about 250mm.

So that’s where I am at the moment. I’ll have to think about this more and make some decisions because I want my rear draws!

If only I was any good on some kind of CAD drawing program…

Part 2


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