Mitsubishi PB Challenger Rear Draws – Part 2

This is part 2 of my Mitsubishi PB Challenger Rear Draws build up. Click here for Part 1.

Mitsubishi PB Challenger Rear Draws
Rough drawing of the rear draws

Last night I did some more measuring and built a temporary shelf in the back of the car so that I could sit the fridge on it and see if it actually all fits… And it does!

  • It allows me to get my huge 78L ARB fridge in with enough space between the draw system and the trim to store things.
  • It allows me enough access to the spare wheel winder.
  • It doesn’t restrict my vision out the back window too much (if at all really).
  • It avoids the huge bolts that attach the cargo barrier to the floor of the boot.

So now I have some direction and some plans on what I want to do. Using all my CAD drawing skills and an awesome application called MS Paint, I put together the below diagram…

Anyway, this is what I want to do:

  • Leave a space of 150mm under the 2 draws on the left. This will be a handy storage space for things like our folding camp chairs, and will allow me to access the wheel winder (the little circle in the diagram). I’ve tested this and confirmed that this will leave enough room.
  • I’ll probably end up buying an ARB fridge slide to fit my 78L ARB fridge
  • Build a low lying tool/utility draw under the fridge. This could even be used for kitchen type things that don’t need to be in the fridge.
  • Have 2 draws on the left for stuff.
  • I’ll put 4 tie-down points on the top shelf and maybe put a lip around the top as well. Just to stop things falling off the top of it quite so much. I’ll get an elasticated net thing that will attach to the tie-down points when needed.
  • I’ll have enough room to fit a few bits and pieces down the sides between the draw system and the trim in the boot. Behind the wheel arches.
  • I’ll either build the battery in behind the fridge if it fits, or behind the bottom draw on the left. I think it’ll fit behind the fridge but I haven’t measured that up very accurately yet. And I’ll have to modify the wiring from my RedArc Dual Battery System of course.
  • Tie the whole kit down to the existing tie-down points.

So now I’m very much looking forward to getting started on it! Stay tuned for further updates…

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