Mitsubishi PB Challenger Turbo Replacement

The other day I took a look in my engine bay and noticed that there was some oil seepage around the turbo. It’s worth taking a look and it probably applies to the current model Triton as well. I’d read online about some Mitsubishi PB Challenger turbo replacement but didn’t expect that it’d come to that.

Anyway I had my car booked in for a service and thought that it’d be a good idea to mention it to them. I also had noticed that the car was less fuel efficient and was blowing more black smoke than in the past. I also mentioned this to them.

At the end of the day I went back to pick up the car and was told that the turbo did indeed need to be replaced! I was expecting that they’d replace seals or something but not a full turbo replacement! Luckily covered under full warranty!

They mentioned that it’s a ‘high ticket’ item which either means that it happens a lot so they don’t have many just sitting around, or that their expensive so they don’t have them sitting around, or that lots of people try to get new turbos by falsely reporting them or something… The short of it is that they took some photos and sent it off to Mitsubishi Motors Australia. They then have to approve the work before proceeding. Once approval is granted then the part can be ordered and installed. The service technician indicated that this was just a formality in my case and I should have my car back in the service centre within 2 weeks. In the mean time they have said that the car is OK to drive and I probably won’t notice any performance issues. If it hadn’t been found then it could cause issues much later down the track.
But for now, I’m waiting for the call back to get my turbo replaced.

Here are some photos of what it looked like with the oil seepage.

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PB Challenger Turbo Seepage

PB Challenger Turbo Seepage

PB Challenger Turbo Seepage


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