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Our Mitsubishi PB Challenger (2010) at Cape Peron, Shark Bay

Our Mitsubishi PB Challenger (2010) at Cape Peron, Shark Bay

Welcome to my 4 wheel driving blog!

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my 4 Wheel Driving Blog about my 4×4 adventures and looking at my photos. And hopefully you’ll be inspired to get out there and enjoy yourself in our great outdoors.

We love being out on the open road. Exploring this vast country and all it has to offer. As an avid 4 wheel driver, I’m very keen to share my experiences and adventures. Through my blog, you’ll read about my personal take on 4 wheel driving, my experiences, my travels and adventures. My family and I are based in Western Australia so the majority of my adventures will be in the vast wilderness that makes up a huge percentage of this state.

I drive a 2010 Mitsubishi PB Challenger that I am slowly building into a family tourer. So far we’ve added:

Hopefully we’ll soon add

We believe in adventuring for the future. When we go traveling, we try to leave as little impact as possible. Although we love driving the tough tracks as much as the next person, for us the idea of owning a 4wd vehicle is so that we can get to places that many other people can’t, to visit remote locations, to ‘get out there’ and experience nature at its best.

I also do a little bit of freelance writing. Most of my articles are 4wd club magazine articles, but I’ve also written for:

Hopefully you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy experiencing the things I write about.

See you on the tracks.


PS: I can’t believe I have to say this. But due to some people complaining I feel I have to point out that the information on this website is for information and entertainment purposes only. It reflects my views and my views only. They are not necessarily the view of anyone else! Even if I link to another page from my blog, it doesn’t mean that they share the same opinion as me. Remember, people that the internet is for everyone and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Believe it or not, some of the information I post up here may not be relevant to you, or even legal in your area! Use your common sense and double check!!